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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Olivia Rose

 Ok.... I promise that I won't be posting photos
of my new granddaughter every day.
Maybe every other day!!  :D

 That face! It just melted my heart.
The fun thing is she might be a redhead!
Both of my daughters are redheads,
so this would be so wonderful.

Back to normal programming now.



Julierose said...

Oooh she is so adorable..love those photos, so heart-warming...Enjoy
hugs, Julierose ;)))

Libby in TN said...

Love those chubby cheeks. I wanted a redhead, too, also a girl -- I got neither but I got the BEST boys ever!

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE those kissable cheeks. I hope she ends up a redhead. That would be such fun.

Sara said...

Those are very kissable chubby cheeks!! Congratulations. My husband had red hair - when he still had hair LOL, one of my daughters has a red-ish color hair and her daughter has beautiful red hair. My husband says all redheads are smarter than the average person.

Rebecca Grace said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! Congratulations! She is SO perfect and precious. What a wonderful blessing to you and your family!!

straythreads said...

She is so precious and big a full term baby would be big . Congratulations again and blessings

sandi s said...

She is adorable!! You can post pictures as often as you like. I love pics of babies. Hugs,

Kim said...

Oh, just look at those adorable, chubby cheeks. She is gorgeous!! Fabulous she might be a redhead. Congratulations to you all.