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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Holiday Tidbits

 Christmas 2020 has come and gone
and was a quiet celebration with my husband and Doodlebug.
Like so many others, we didn't get together
with other family this year.
It just isn't worth the risk.

I did get the Bucilla stocking finished for Baby Girl.
It is ready to be filled next Christmas and beyond.

Once again, I made a quilted stocking
and attached the felt stocking to the front.
This makes for a very sturdy stocking
that will be able to be stuffed with goodies.

This fabric is on the back and the inside.
The binding fabric was my mom's from the 90's,
I think.  I was glad to use some of it.

The Bucilla kit for the stocking came with this bonus ornament.
It went together in no time and is so cute!

Our tradition for Christmas breakfast is to have
homemade cinnamon rolls.
This year I made enough to share with friends
and family.  The recipe is from
Ramona Cafe in Ramona, CA.
I was named after the person for whom
Ramona Ca is named.

And look!!!
I have a quilt started on my design wall!

I pulled out my box of Kaffe scraps again
(the box has been sitting on the floor in my hidey hole
for months, so I didn't have to go far!)
and cut some triangles with my Accuquilt cutter. 

For the neutral triangles, I'm using the Ombre Confetti.
I love the gold sparkle with the Kaffe prints.
Hopefully this will be a finished top soon.
Happy Quilting
Happy End of 2020!


Sara said...

The stocking and ornament - both adorable!! And your new quilt start is going to be a fun one. Kaffe fabrics look amazing in scrappy quilts.

Libby in TN said...

Merry Christmas, Ramona! You are making fast progress on your new quilt. Santa brought me an Accuquilt and I'm looking forward to cutting some shapes. I already have strip dies and would appreciate suggestions on others I might consider. Not looking for anything exotic, just basic.

Julierose said...

Oooh I love your new quilt--so neat!! What a fun project for the New Year...
those cinnamon buns look delish...I plan on making some this week...just love them...
hugs from cold CT Julierose (P.S. pin basting Night Flight geese section--will be hand quilting soon0

kupton52 said...

The stocking is absolutely adorable as I'm sure that new granddaughter will be, as well. I declare---nothing says "Ramona" better than "Kaffe and dots"!!! lol I googled Ramona Cafe cinnamon rolls and found the recipe. But 8 cups of flour for only 12 rolls? They must be huge! Yours look really yummy. I hope you had a very, merry Christmas. I know YOU know the reason for the season. Blessings, dear friend.

sandi s said...

Your stocking is beautiful!! I love your new quilt you started. I love the fabrics. Hugs,

Vicki W said...

That confetti fabric is perfect for the Kaffe fabrics. I also made cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast but they are gluten free vegan so not nearly as good as yours! But they fit my limitations and were still a treat.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That Pyramid quilt will be fantastic with that Ombre Confetti background~ it looks absolutely PERFECT with those Kaffe prints, I love it!