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Friday, November 27, 2020

Stocking for Baby Girl

 With a new family member arriving at the end of the year,
I had to be prepared in case she arrives before Christmas.
That meant a Bucilla stocking needed to be made for her!
My daughter chose the kit and as of last night,
it's finished!
This Bucilla kit is called
"Santa's Workshop".
It took a while to make because of all of the
little parts and pieces on it,
but I love the finish.

Once again, the detail in these kits
is amazing.  Just follow the directions
and you won't go wrong.

This bear is just too cute!


All of the little pieces across the top would make really cute ornaments.
It's fun how they are all hanging there as Santa finishes them.  :)

the stocking can be stuffed to the gills
with little trinkets and treats.
Once the quilted stocking is made,
I stitch the felt stocking to the front of this
and have a very sturdy stocking.

For this stocking I used the same fabric on the inside
as I used on the outside.

This stocking will be given to my daughter for her home.
Next I will make a stocking for Baby Girl for my home.
I have a stocking for all of us at my house, too.
This way I can make more stockings and if they are here
for Christmas, they don't have to bring their stockings with them.
(They live across the country from us.)
Finding treasures for the stockings is what I love doing most.
I'd rather do that then purchase gifts.
Happy Quilting!


Needled Mom said...

It is absolutely adorable. I LOVE their kits. The detail is impeccable. My favorite here is the doll hanging up.

Sara said...

It's so cute - and how exciting to be anticipating that new baby!! My second daughter was due on January 7, but she arrived early on December 17. And we were NOT prepared for her arrival. Our local hospital (at that time) had volunteers who sewed these huge felt Christmas stockings. New babies born in December were tucked into those big stockings when they were brought back to the room following their baths. My daughter will be 37 this year, and she is still using her felt stocking. When I made personalized ones for everyone she didn't want a new one. She loves her "birth" stocking.

straythreads said...

So many details beautiful! The little dolly is so cute and so is the bear. Hope all is going well for your daughter

Libby in TN said...

Smart thinking! My MIL knit stockings for me and my boys and their wives and their kids before she no longer remembered how to knit. Such treasures for me who had to use one of my dad's socks as a child ...

Julierose said...

Just an adorable finish on that stocking kit...you will be all ready in case of an early arrival...;)))
Hugs from afar Julierose

Debbie said...

I am with you on finding fillers for stockings. One of my presents this year is pickle band aides. It is especially fun for my grandsons. I love the felt stockings and enjoyed the kits when I was much younger. Love how all your handwork turned out. (time4stitchn

Kim said...

Isn't it fun to fill Christmas stockings till they are overflowing. Your granddaughter's stocking is beautiful. So many gorgeous pretties to look at and smile at. The Santa is a cheery old soul and yes the bear is adorable. Love the sweet doll, too.

Vicki in MN said...

You really do have a knack for making these stockings, so precious for your new Grand!

Debbie said...

Another spectacular stocking! Love getting to see your finish. Congrats on the impending addition.