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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Kaffe Junk Jewelry Finished

Back in the winter my friend, Dottie, and I decided to make
a quilt similar to one we had seen at a quilt show.
We gathered our Kaffe fabrics,
ordered the white with black polka dots
and began cutting wedges.

I showed the pattern when the top was completed
and if I had seen just the pattern,
there is no way I would have made this quilt.
No offense, but the quilt on the pattern is not my taste at all.

The booth that sold the pattern had a quilt made from Kaffe and polka dots
and Dottie and I were sold.

Mine is back from the LAQ, bound and finished!!

Between the two of us we have quite a Kaffe stash.
There aren't too many fabrics repeated in this quilt.


This quilt required the Creative Grids Spiderweb ruler
and was used to cut both sizes of wedges.


Look at this!
Another pieced backing by me!!
I've had these peacock prints for years 
and decided they would make a good backing.


I think I bought the fabric to make a stack and whack quilt
and that never happened.


One thing that surprised me was how well the binding coordinated
with the backing.  I picked it because of the front and wasn't too 
worried about how it would work with the back.
Turns out it looks great on both sides!


We went to town cutting the Kaffe wedges.
In fact, I have another top done and waiting to be quilted.
The border is different because I didn't have enough of the polka dot.


This was quilted with a swirl design with purple thread.


Kaffe and polka dots.
Does it get any better???

Happy Quilting!

Be well and be safe.


Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

I love it! Polda dots are a wonderful background for Kaffe Fassett's beautiful fabrics ;)

Kim said...

Kaffe fabrics are always joyous to behold and when dancing with polka dots....well, it's a celebration. Your quilt is beautiful and zinging with happiness. Love the pieced back, too. The peacock fabric is fabulous. Another most amazing quilt fashioned by you, Ramona.

Libby in TN said...

Kaffe fabrics can be SO busy. Surprisingly, the polka dots calm them down. Who'da thought? ...

kupton52 said...

I don't swear...but if I did I swear if I'd ever seen this quilt I would have said "Ramona made this quilt!" lol....you and your polka dots is one thing but polka dota AND Kaffe prints---yep...that says "Ramona". I can just hear in your post the "happy" this quilt give you. Blessings....stay well.

sandi s said...

I think your quilt is amazing! I love it. Hugs,

Sewing Up A Storm said...

What a difference the choice of fabrics can make on the same pattern. The picture on the envelope is not the best use of fabrics to my taste either. I love your polka dot background really makes the Kaffe fabrics shine. The back is also great. Pieced backs have become my thing...........I use them to purge the stash of fabric I do not feel inspired to use in a quilt and am always amazed at how good they look.

chrisknits said...

What a stunning quilt! It just pops!

Vicki in MN said...

You are just cranking out these projects left and right!! Those polka dots are just perfect for these Kaffe fabrics. I know what you mean some pattern covers just don't tripped my trigger either.

straythreads said...

Beautiful I have done the octagon wedges before but with small hst in the corners I like the kite shape dots. Polka dot backgrounds are like best supporting actors, they pull the rest together. Isn’t it fun to find the perfect backing fabrics in the stash.
Hav another creative week

Julie said...

Your quilt is amazing. Like you, I don't care for the quilt on the pattern cover, but yours is spectacular. I love that you pieced the backing!