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Monday, May 18, 2020

Fabric Finally Used...

Isn't funny how our tastes change over the years?
As I was cleaning my Hidey Hole 
I found this piece of fabric I had ordered at least five years ago
to use in a specific quilt.
I found the book, looked at the quilt and wondered what I was thinking!
I didn't hate the quilt, but I wasn't going to take the time to make it today.

So, instead I pulled out my box of Kaffe scraps and started playing around
with the beautiful fabric.
I tried one design and it didn't work.
Then I decided Half Square Triangles.
Lots of designs can be made with HST's.

This is what came out of the play time.


First of all, I can't believe I've made another scrap quilt!
Maybe the coronavirus has infected my quilting thoughts
and has turned me into a scrap quilter!?!


I really enjoy making HST's.
They are so versatile and so relaxing to make.

The thing that is so cool about this gray/brown fabric
is that it changes colors depending on the light,
the angle or how it's positioned.  These two photos show how in some positions
it has a burgundy/maroon tint
and in others it has a teal tint.
Sometimes it looks more brown than gray.
At first I thought there was a front and back to the fabric,
but that isn't the case.

The dark background is not my usual choice,
but I'm very happy with these results
and am even happier to have another pile out of my cabinet.

My box of Kaffe scraps doesn't seem to be any less full, though.

Happy Quilting!
Be well and be safe.



straythreads said...

Another beauty. Who would have thought a solid colored fabric was directional.
I am knitting a rabbit and plain Jane socks are best in front of the tv
Hope you have another productive week

Sara said...

Gorgeous! The Kaffe colors really need that dark background to make them pop. Wonderful choice! I've found a couple of projects lately too where I looked at the pattern and fabrics and wondered what I was thinking. I returned several pieces of fabric to the stash this weekend, and put the patterns into a "giveaway" box. It was actually a bit liberating to choose NOT to make something.

Libby in TN said...

I think you need to get tested for CoVID! So unlike you, but a beautiful result.

Vicki in MN said...

I am just sitting over here chuckling you know-another scrap quilt!! I think the brown is easily influenced by it's peers. What is your favorite method for HST's?

Sewing Up A Storm said...

Wow that is really cool fabric! I love your quilt with the color changing fabric and the Kaffe fabric!

Me I have been sewing clothes and not working on quilts for some reason (well a little quilty stuff but more clothes). The good part of the shelter in place is that it really brings out the creativity in some of us.............yup just lock me up with my sewing and crafting supplies with food and water. Oh and the other day I got my guitar out of the case, I have forgotten how to use it but now I want to play again.

Rebecca Grace said...

I'll bet your background fabric is a shot cotton -- meaning the warp and weft yarns are different colors. That would give it the color-shifting properties you're describing. I absolutely love that kind of fabric, love this particular colorway, and ADORE how you've used it to contrast all of those gorgeous, bright prints. Scrappy, schmappy... "Scrap quilter" sounds so diminishing, but really, I think that the more different fabrics you can work into a quilt, the more complex, more interesting, and more unique it turns out to be. It also requires a great deal of skill to combine so many prints in ways that make the whole so much more than the sum of its parts. I think this is just splendid!

Needled Mom said...

That is really beautiful! Who can resist those gorgeous Kaffe fabrics? What size are your HSTs in this? You do scraps SOOOO well! I think you need to stick with them. lol