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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blooming Burst of Color

This week summer has hit Virginia
with temperatures in the high 80's and 90,
so it's appropriate that my 
Blooming Nine Patch is finished this week.
I look at this quilt and I think about the bright,
vibrant colors of summer
and the flowers that just burst forth after the cold winter months.

These are all Kaffe prints... my favorites!
The most difficult part of making these quilts
is picking the fabrics.


This started as a kit, but I changed it up a bit.


I'm trying not to let the unevenness of the ends get me down,
but you can see the wave a bit here.
When it was quilted,
I think the biased ends were pulled too much and there is an
obvious difference in the width of the quilt at both ends.
Lesson learned....
stay stitch each and every quilt before taking it to the LAQ!


The edges don't show here...
just the beautiful fabrics and quilting design shine through.
This quilt will get washed and dried and I'll see if I can't
make the wave less obvious doing this.

it's finished and I'm happy.

Happy Quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

no matter if wavy or not - it is a lovely quilt and I bet only you see the waves. Love those colors

vincenzo126 said...

It's an absolutely amazing and quilt!
Is it 9 patches?

Julie said...

It's gorgeous and sometimes we are our own worst critic! I haven't gotten to sew much lately, but I do have my 80 blocks on my wall ready to stitch and it's the weekend now!

Vicki in MN said...

What a burst of summer both in your weather and your gorgeous quilt! I would think some blocking would help a bit to calm the wave. I really need to finish something so I have some finishes too!!

time4stitchn said...

Love the binding color. It really adds interest. So happy you have it all done! Yeah.

Mari said...

Great finish! I don't see any waves at all, just a beautiful, cheery quilt!

Kat said...

Such beautiful colors!

Lori Allison said...

You did a beautiful job customizing your B9P! It looks spectacular. I like your idea about the stay stitching too. Excellent.

TheMerkleFamily said...

Your D9P is glorious in all it's mighty Kaffe'ness! Curious if you followed the standard 9-patch size as listed in the B9P pattern/book? I'm considering a slightly larger sized finished 9P block than instructed but don't know how that will affect the overall look of the finished quilt. Thank you in advance for any feedback!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne and LOVE!!

Judy Quilts said...

How do I get the Blooming Nine Patch pattern. ?? I too am a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. I am so lucky to live only 35 minutes from Missouri Star Quilting Co. in Hamilton, Missouri. I can purchase KFC when I get to MSQC for a day. I have a good collection of his fabrics and I would love to make this pattern. Any information is appreciated. **

TheMerkleFamily said...

Judy Quilts - the original Blooming Nine Patch pattern is found in a great book "Tradition with a Twist" by Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone. You can find the book on all the normal sites (Amazon, ThriftBooks, etc.) The book has the pattern with specific instructions for block sizes but I've seen many quilts where the maker altered the size of the blocks. I'm sure there are YouTube tutorials available, too. It's a fun, timeless quilt pattern that looks fabulous in Kaffe fabrics! Good luck! And how nice you live so close to MSQC.