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Sunday, April 16, 2017

The Wedding Quilt

The last week has been quiet here on the blog
because I was finishing
The Wedding Quilt.

I started working on this in January
and I'm very glad I did.
It took many days to cut all of the various size strips
for the blocks.
Then it took many more days to sew all of the blocks together.
A LOT of starch was used!

Then it took a few days to sew the top together
into this:

The pattern is called
There are only four blocks in this quilt,
going from a lot of green and a little white
to a lot of white and  a little green.

This design is modern, but I love it.
I thought it would be a great wedding quilt because
it isn't too feminine.

My problem was I needed to make a California King.
Do you know how big that is??
This top is queen size and I couldn't add more diamonds
without making it too big.

Borders were necessary.

I wanted to do something different with the borders,
but the bias edges and the size of the quilt made it too difficult. 

It is now a California King size.

I love the backing I found for it.
The way it is quilted and bound,
it could be reversible.


This quilting design is called "Clockworks" and I love it with this quilt.
When I picked it up from the longarm quilter,
she called it a monster!

The quilt was wrapped,
using some flowers I dried from the bouquet
I had made for her Bridal shower.


I wanted to get some good photos of the quilt straight on,
but this quilt is so big,
there wasn't a good place to hold it up in order to see the entire thing.
Plus, it was very windy and there is pollen everywhere!

This is the best we could do.
My goddaughter and her fiance love the quilt
and can't wait to use it.

I am very happy to have this finished and delivered!

Happy quilting!


Sara said...

Wow! That is stunning!

Libby in TN said...

It's gorgeous, simple yet complex at the same time. Very modern feel. Seeing the whole (almost) quilt helped me understand why cutting the strips was such a production. Great job!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what size is a California King? Most of my big quilts I make about 100 x 100 or 105 x 105 and they fit my queen size that is kind of high off the floor and a deep mattress - I like the sides covered.

Vicki in MN said...

I am thinking it was around 120"? Wow I love it, you did a fabulous job!! I can see why it took a big chunk of time to make:0

Judy D in WA said...

WOW! This is a fabulous quilt! They will treasure it forever! The dried flowers are lovely.

Teresaquilts said...

that is dedication turned out beautifully

Kat Williams said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I am currently making this pattetn for my son and may add bordets now that I've seen yours. He also wants his a little bigger than the pattern.

Debbie Huber said...

What a wonderful finish! I love your design that looks like an optical illusion from one end to the next. Your backing is so pretty, too. Congratulations. What is your favorite starch method.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

It's a beautiful quilt. They will love using it.

kwiltnkats said...

Awesome! I appreciate the size as I just finished one that is 120" x 103" for my sister. She had another similar size that I made years ago for her that needed retiring. Sister just got it last week and is thrilled with the new one. Thank you for all the awesome photographs and the pattern name. I just may tackle it one day too. Great wedding gift! =^.^= Sandi

straythreads said...

WOW!! Love the optical illusion of it. Stunning
have a great week

Churn Dash said...

Beautiful. It took me a moment to realise the diamonds were changing.


Debbie said...

Love that pattern. Haven't seen it before...great wedding gift. Love the dried flower bouquet too.

Needled Mom said...

That is spectacular, Ramona. I love the pattern and the color is fabulous. They will treasure it for years.

Jayne said...

A monster quilt!! It is just gorgeous, the perfect design for a wedding quilt. I'm sure it will be loved, used and cared for for many years to come!

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Ramona - you did a lovely job on this wedding quilt. I can feel your pain - kind of - I am working on a queen size quilt that I don't think will EVER be complete, but a California King!! Just beautiful - you must feel very accomplished. ~smile~

saroy said...

This is amazing -- and I can't believe there are only 4 blocks. It looks like each row changes slightly! Such a cool optical illusion.

Suze said...

This is amazing. My son has a California King. I want to make a quilt for him. I don't know if I can make the top or not. I have an invisible disability that impacts the strength in my limbs and especially in my arms. I don't know if I'll have the strength to hold the entire quilt when it gets to that point. My son doesn't want anything that resembles anything feminine at all. He loves math - so this just might be the answer. I love what you did with the borders, too. Thanks for sharing and thank you for the names of the pattern and the quilting pattern, also.

AnnieO said...

Gorgeous green with all the white--what a beautiful design and labor of love. We have a Cal King and it is BIG.

Julie said...

Stunning wedding quilt! I am not a green person, but I love the design. What a lot of work and a thrill to have finish and gifted.