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Friday, March 13, 2015

Next Baby Quilt

My niece is having her first child in the
beginning of May.
When this niece was a baby and toddler,
she carried this stuffed elephant
She named the elephant "Ellie"
and Ellie was well loved.

A while ago I was in a quilt shop and saw this pattern...

How perfect!!
My Great-niece will have her own Ellie!!

I have gathered the fabrics for Ellie herself...
(The pattern fabrics are a bit wild and bold for my liking for a baby quilt,
so I went with pinks and grays.)

The background fabrics and the backing have been purchased...
(I LOVE the elephant fabric by Valorie Wells.)

The pattern pieces have been traced to the fusible...

I am ready to go!!
This one may take a while,
but it will be a fun quilt to make.

Happy Quilting!!


Libby in TN said...

Wondering -- 'cause it looks like a lot of work -- did you consider making a new fabric from crumbs (cut from your new fabrics) crazy quilt style, then cutting the elephant as one piece? Just sayin' .... Its going to be cute, however you do it, and who could resist the serendipity of the name?

Sara said...

So beautiful - it will be treasured.