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Friday, March 6, 2015

Another Snowy Friday

We were visited by another snow storm yesterday
and were left with a layer of sleet/freezing rain,
followed by 3-4" of snow. 
Thankfully I made my Joann's run earlier in the day!
I was completely out of white thread!
(and so was my quilt shop!!)
How did this happen??

Hopefully after today I'll be able to show you why I
needed the white thread.

In the meantime,
I have a completed pair of socks and another pair started!

Earlier in the week I finished the
"Maryland" socks for my daughter.

These are for her little size 2 feet and were knitted using a
solid black and solid red yarn together.
She loves them and was glad to have them yesterday.

A few weeks ago I found this publication put out by "Threads"
 in one of my local quilt shops...

It cost $6.00 and is full of lots of socks to make...
some beautiful and some unique!
The one thing I really like about this book/magazine is the patterns tell you
how long to knit the foot of the sock for specific sizes
instead of saying "measure your foot and..."
If I'm making a pair of socks as a gift or for someone who lives out of town,
I can't measure their foot.


Here is the pair I started from this publication...

The pattern was supposed to extend down the foot, but I find
wearing socks with a pattern like this on my foot is uncomfortable.

This pattern is the "Alpaca Texture Sock"
and is really easy to knit.
I cannot remember the yarn name or manufacturer as I lost the
tag.  I need to put the tag and ball of yarn in a
baggie after I wind it into a ball, so I can have that information!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting.

Happy Knitting!


Needled Mom said...

How can they be out of white thread????? I love the socks and I'll bet they feel fantastic too.

Sharon Massena said...

Both pair are beautiful.

Dar said...

Your socks are beautiful - both pairs, but I am really liking the last pair you started. The colors are great!

Churn Dash said...

I bought that magazine last year and gave it to one of the ladies at the library knitting group because I thought all the socks looked hard. Both your pairs of socks look great.

Our son at GMU saw the forecast and came home Wednesday evening. The university was closed Thursday so he didn't miss a class. We got the barest sprinkling of snow here, it rained pretty much all day. I was quite grateful as I don't like snow.

I tend to stock up on thread when JoAnn's has it on sale. I did find a cone of masterpiece when I cleaned up my sewing room. My feather weight didn't really like it. I've been using my Jem for a bit, the featherweight needs some adjusting, so I've been using the cone. The bobbins last much longer!


Valerie Reynolds said...

I do not knit but my mom is a super talented knitter and always makes me socks!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Yours look cozy comfy! (Love the colors too!)