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Friday, March 20, 2015

It's Friday...

It's been a week since I have posted anything.
Unfortunately I had to have my shoulder injected again
and was in a sling for a few days.
It's difficult to sew or knit with that on your arm,
so I'm glad to have something to post.

I was actually gone last week and was able to get some 
knitting done while traveling back and forth.
 (My basketball team won their conference Championship!!)

One pair of socks is finished!

I made a mistake and made the first sock too short,
so had to rip out the toe and add some length to it.
The colors in this yarn make me smile.

Another pair of socks was started on my trip.

This yarn is "Sausalito" and is wonderful to knit!

This heel was made with the "Short Row Heel" method.
This was my first time knitting a "Short Row" anything
and I like how it turned out. There was no picking up
stitches with this method.

Onto quilting....

I started the Elephant baby quilt for my niece's baby yesterday.
The trunk may not stay as it is...
I think it's dark compared to the rest of the elephant.

The pieces are all cut and placed on my design wall.
Libby in TN had an excellent idea last week
regarding the piecing of this elephant.
Instead of making this with individual pieces,
I sewed the fabrics crazy quilt style and then cut out each section.
There won't be nearly as much applique stitching to do now!
Thanks Libby!

This is the pattern I'm using to make "Ellie."

The background is ready to be sewn and then I will begin
adding the elephant pieces to it. 

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are working on today.

Happy Friday!


Judy D in WA said...

It must be the week for finishing short. I did it with 2 socks instead of 1! They turned out gorgeous. Love the Sausalito yarn. It is beautiful. And that elephant quilt is going to be fabulous!

Sara said...

That elephant is just darling and I think the trunk is fine as is.

Sharon Massena said...

Your socks are such happy colors. And the elephant is fun as well

straythreads said...

love the socks Happy feet! and love the elephant I might even look for the pattern and sew it the way you did good luck with the shoulder

Maggie said...

Love your socks! The bright colors would make me smile, too. You are doing a wonderful job on your quilt.

swooze said...

I love the stitch pattern of your second socks!

The elephant trunk is perfect. Since the body is so busy it gives good contrast and definition. Of course it needs to make you happy.

Paula said...

I love that elephant! So pretty! Your socks are nice, too.

Libby in TN said...

Glad it worked for you. I think if there was a bit of dark on the back foot it would balance the trunk. That Sausalito yarn is scrumptious.

Lara B. said...

Ramona, I'm sorry that your shoulder is still being a pain in the ...shoulder. you must be so frustrated at this point!
Your socks are so pretty! How you do that is beyond me.
I love your Ellie - even more than the one on the pattern cover! Libby's idea is great! Did you use scraps from your tuffet? To me it looks like Ellie has had her trunk in water, LOL.

Judy S. said...

Fun quilt and socks. Hope that does the trick for your shoulder!