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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back Home...

We had a fun time in NYC
and watched some GREAT basketball.
My team didn't win the conference tournament :(
but they are playing in the NCAA tournie.

So I get home, unpack, start the laundry and
head into my Hidey Hole to sew...
TOTALLY forgetting that 
my sewing machine is not here!!
UGH!! Another week or so without it.
It's all good... it's not like there aren't
a million other things to be done.

For now, I decided to show some quilts
that I made before I started blogging.
A few years ago I realized that my bed was the only
bed in the house without a quilt.
How did this happen??

I picked the fabric and pattern and got to work.

You know how much I love Kaffe Fassett fabric,
so I used his fabrics for my bed quilt.

The Shell Montage is one of my absolute favorites.

I used this in the blocks for the front and
was able to buy enough for the back on sale!

This photo looks like the colors of the quilt and spread don't go together,
but they really do!
The spread and pillows are not that green.

With the cold winter, this quilt has gotten a lot of use!
I'm ready to put it back on the quilt rack in my room, though.

Happy Quilting!!

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