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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Two Halves Make a Whole

This morning I finished sewing the blocks for 
"On Ringo Lake" Ramona version
into rows and the rows are now all sewn together
to make the body of the quilt.

It, obviously, has not been trimmed yet.
I just love these colors together.


It's tempting to stop here and have another throw size quilt,
but I really want this for a bed.

Plus, I don't know what I would use all of the diamond in a rectangle
units for and they were my least favorite to make.
They will go somewhere!

There are some neat ideas out there using these
units as the outer border,
but I don't want the quilt to end with the coral colors.
I want the eye to see more of the aqua/turquoise colors.

So what if I did this?
Use the diamond units as an inner border and finish
it with an outer scrappy aqua border?
I think this could work!

Now it's time to sew all of these coral pieces together.

I'm getting there!

Happy Quilting!


Debbie said...

Awesome border idea!

Libby in TN said...

You are heading in the right direction. I agree it needs turquoise/aqua on the outside and I would certainly find a place to use those diamond-in-rectangle units if I'd gone to the trouble of making them!

Podunk Pretties said...

I agree with you also. Your border idea is a much nicer finish than the original pattern....shhh...don't tell her I said that!

Needled Mom said...

That looks gorgeous. I have loved seeing the zig zag borders. I like the aqua on the outer edges too.

Julie said...

Wow, congrats on getting it together! Yours is one of the prettiest I have seen. I love it without the sashing and I your border idea! Stunning! I was going to comment on your last post and had to go to work and now there is a new post! Nice job!

vincenzo126 said...

I love your version, and am following many of your ideas for ORL! Thank you!

Sara said...

I like your version of this quilt. Leaving the sashing out is my plan too, but haven't decided yet if I'm going to even make those chevron units. So far I've skipped cutting them and just focused on plugging away with the other blocks.

straythreads said...

That is gorgeous

Lynette said...

Yes!!! That's a beautiful plan for the border. Sometimes the BH quilts get a little too busy unless the colors we choose work just particularly right. The nice thing, though, is that they also lend themselves well to playing around with the pieces.

Ellie said...

I really like your idea for the border. I think that will make your quilt lovely and unique!

Cathy Tomm said...

I love the colours too. I am still working on making blocks. I love the idea for the boarders and to use them put. Great to see you are closer to being done.

Candace said...

So Beautiful!

Dar said...

It looks beautiful so far and I love, love your idea with the zig zag inner border finishing with scrappy greens and blues. Definitely a winner idea!!

Churn Dash said...

That is a lovely happy quilt and I love the chevrons in the border.


swooze said...


Vivian said...

Wow, this looks so good with the blocks set together with the sashing blocks moved to the border! It's so good to see just how playful it's possible to get with all the mystery parts.