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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


We just returned home from spending a few wonderful days with
our daughter and son-in-law in California.
It was warm, not too sunny, but warm.
And it's snowing here...AGAIN!
Doesn't Mother Nature know that we've already had two
snows this winter and that is plenty??
I guess she doesn't care. :)

One good thing about snow in the south
is that it slows the pace of life.
(Unless you work for VDot!)
I've spent the morning working on my version of
"On Ringo Lake"
and have half of the blocks sewn together.

I decided to leave out the sashing and may use it as an outer border.

The biggest problem with changing the layout is
the seams aren't pressed in the right directions for nesting.
                        I'm not going back to remake all of the units, though, for this to occur.

Hopefully in the next day or so the other half of the blocks will be sewn together.
Then I will decide whether or not to add an outer border using the sashing pieces.
 I am really liking how this is coming together.


I haven't shown any knitting in a long time.
I've made several pair of socks, but just haven't put them on the blog.
This sock was so fun and easy to make, with
just one cable going the entire length of the sock to add some pizzazz.

There was a lot of knitting time on planes back and forth to
California, so the second sock is well underway.

Happy Quilting!


Debbie said...

I like your Ringo Lake layout...as I mentioned before...the sashing just made the quilt look so very salmon colored! I envisioned a mostly brown and blue quilt with a little salmon when Bonnie gave a preview of the colors.

Libby in TN said...

Love the layout and the way the blue corners come together.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your Ringo Lake looks amazing! I love the peachy salmon against the teal. And your knitting! That is a magical skill that I don't possess. That's beautiful yarn. I would love a little hat like that, with a big girly pom pom on the top. :-)

Vicki in MN said...

I was just wondering last week if you were knitting-thought of you when putting my knit socks on, LOL I haven't done anymore, but do have more yarn. Ringo lake is coming together nicely!