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Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Already??

Here we are in March of 2017 already!
The day started off like a lamb, but ended like a lion,
so what does that mean for the rest of the month?
In any event, spring has sprung here in Virginia,
with the trees and bushes blooming weeks before they would normally bloom.

I'll take it!

Bible Book blocks are blooming in my Hidey Hole.
In January I blogged about my History of Quilting group's
theme for this year.
Last month we were given the patterns
for the next five blocks representing
the next five books of the Bible.

I completed these this morning and continue to love the
red and white theme I started.

This block is "Girls Favorite" and represents Ruth.
Let me tell you...
this was NOT my favorite to make!
I am pleased with the results, though.

The Four Patch block represents 1 Samuel
and I was going to do something different to make it more interesting,
but after fighting with "Girl's Favorite," I was very happy to have
a block I could make in minutes!

Here are the first 10 blocks.
My one concern is whether or not I will have enough of my background fabric.
I tried to find more on-line, but had no luck,
and I had purchased all there was when I bought it earlier.

Work on the secret wedding quilt continues.
I'm hoping to have a finished top very soon!

I carried over two goals for March.
Maybe third time will be the charm for quilting the
Pinwheel quilt??
We shall see!

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Loving you red scheme! I've had that background in other colors, but no red to share.

Judy Zoll said...

Have you tried quiltshops.com? Easy to search if you know the line of fabric. Good luck.

Vicki in MN said...

I love the red and white theme! Should get in the 50's here this weekend, that to us is a heat wave in march!

Needled Mom said...

The red and white blocks are so gorgeous. I hope you can locate more background fabric if you run out. That is so frustrating.

kupton52 said...

Your blocks are very nice (as usual)---they'll make a beautiful quilt. I particularly love the shades of red. I know sometimes colors photograph differently than they actually are, but these look like they range from on orange-red to a deep red.......really pretty. I don't have any of the background but if you share with us the selvedge info I'm sure we'll all look for some in case you do run out. Blessings....

Teresa in Music City said...

Your blocks are wonderful! Red and white is so timeless - you can't go wrong :*). What about introducing a second background and use it in half of the blocks, or even a third? That way it will look like it was designed that way!