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Thursday, January 26, 2017

I'm Here!

Boy, when one is working on a secret quilt
that takes a LOT of time to make,
there isn't much time for anything else. 
Plus, the Blog is boring!

This week I did sneak in some other sewing though!

My History Club group started another session this month
and for this year we are making a quilt of
Bible Study Blocks.
At one point the patterns were free,
but now can be purchased here.

Our Club leader has divided the books of the
Old Testament blocks into ten months
and we are to make our own fabric choices.

Several years ago, when the red and white quilts were the rage,
I started participating in the
"Just Takes 2" quilt along.
I made it through the first quarter and became too frustrated with the quilt.

Fast forward to today.
I had purchased a number of reds with which to make that quilt
and haven't done anything with them.

Until now!

These blocks represent the first five books of the Bible,
but from right to left.
(Genesis is in the upper right corner.)
I guess I was channeling my inner "Hebrew" when I placed these blocks
on my design wall.

The blocks will be 6" finished.

At first I was going to use different background fabrics,
but I like the consistency of the one fabric.

Once again, Linda has picked a great topic for our club.

The "Secret" quilt is coming along.

These blocks are waiting to be trimmed
and then the strips below will be added.

This wedding isn't until May, but I am so glad I started
the quilt when I did.
It's taking a lot longer than I anticipated!


I was looking at something on line a while ago
and saw a photo of someone using a milk glass dish
as a "catch-all" for their sewing implements.

I have a small collection of milk glass,
but didn't have this piece....
until the other day.

Maybe this will keep my things where I can find them.

One can dream!
If nothing else, I have a piece of milk glass in my Hidey Hole!

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Love the red Bible blocks. And what a great use for the milk glass dish!

Sara said...

Love, love those red blocks! That will be stunning. And how clever to use the milk glass piece for holding supplies and tools!

swooze said...

What a clever use of that dish!

kupton52 said...

Your red and white blocks are lovely....(I started the same BOM....lol). I'm afraid I must disagree with you on one point, though....Your blog is NOT boring.


Julie said...

What a clever idea for the dish! Your red and white bible blocks will be awesome. What a great idea. I also started the Just Takes 2 quilt, but after a few blocks decided it wasn't a direction I wanted to go. Your blog is not boring!

Needled Mom said...

Love those red and white blocks. I did the Just Takes 2 blocks - in blue and brown but always wished I had done them in the red and white.

I love the milk glass bowl. That is such a fun way to store your sewing notions.

Vicki in MN said...

I think your read quilt is going to be gorgeous! My mom used to have one of those milk dishes. Thanks for the memory this morning!