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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Working on a USO..

I have a lot of quilts on my wish list...
And a few of them are actually in the "to do" phase...
a couple are kits and
the rest I have the patterns and fabric gathered to make them,
but none of them have been started yet.
The term "UFO" doesn't apply in my mind
because I haven't started them.
they are "USO's" in my book...

"Unstarted Objects"

Over the weekend one of my USO's started
SCREAMING at me...
It's my turn!
I've been in this cabinet long enough!
Get me out and start working on me!

So here we are...

A few years ago I joined the
"Amish With a Twist II" BOM.
I loved the finished quilt in my LQS.

The first kit arrived and....
The fabric colors were dull and boring to me.
So in the cabinet it went,
along with the next kit
and the next...


These are the blocks of the first installation.
The colors are a bit dull for my taste,
but I keep remembering the finished quilt
and am going to get this one made.

The first two installations are finished and the third is started.

Hopefully in the next few weeks
one of my USO's will be finished!

Happy Quilting!


Needled Mom said...

I LIKE that - USO, I'll have to remember that. They will be wonderful finishes. The colors are very calming to me.

Sara said...

I love the USO term - much like PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) in my sewing room. I have a lot of USOs lying in wait. I have 2 kits pulled right now that I want to be my first new retirement projects. My last day of work (for this job) is June 8, and I'll be starting a new part time job at the same time. But I should have time to work on those USOs.

Vicki in MN said...

Nice work, love that first pic but also the on point one looks fantastic. I am like it a lot. USO-tried to figure that one out before I ready your explanation-good one. I have loads of USO's!

Libby in TN said...

I have a bunch of USOs, just never thought to call them that. I've decided to put some of the fabric back into circulation. If at a later date I feel the need to make that quilt and the fabric has been used, I'll shop.

Lara B. said...

USOs screaming... hee hee, that's funny Ramona, but I know just what you mean. These blocks look beautiful and I noticed the colors right away. They all have a muted quality to them. Having seen the Amish with a Twist quilts and loved them, I bet when they are all together that you will love yours too>