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Friday, May 27, 2016

Kept It...

A while ago I almost threw this little quilt away.
It was made for an Amish Quilt exchange we did in
my quilt group,
but I didn't use it.
The quilting was too bad.

Just look at the corners!

I made another quilt for the exchange and threw this in a pile
of things on my counter.. with the binding pinned to the back.
Why finish it if it's going to be tossed?

The other day I was cleaning and found it and decided
to keep it afterall. Yes, the corners are not quilted well at all,
but it's a process. We don't reach perfection, or even "pretty"
So the binding was stitched down and here we are!

I do have some knitting from the last month or so.

I was trying to follow a pattern for these bright socks,
but started knitting it incorrectly.
Oh well... I like them this way!
It's time to knit the heel on this sock,
but I need about 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. 
It will get done.

And then I have a sock finish!

These are for my 29 year old daughter with the size 1 feet.
The yarn is from Hobby Lobby and is their
"No Wool" brand.
I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn.

Happy Friday!


Needled Mom said...

I just love all of those socks. They would make such happy feet!

carol fun said...

I think the Amish quilt is wonderful... none of us are perfect and the older stuff lets us see how far we've come.LOVE all the socks... see you have some of that Fabel yarn I'm so fond of...hope you like it too. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Your Amish quilt is great, I am so glad you kept it! I love all the socks, but the pair on the bottom is my favorite, fun colors!

sklinn62 said...

I like the Amish quilt.

Love the socks too!

Gari in AL said...

What a nice collection of socks. I, too, usually have more than one pair going at a time. Yesterday I did both heels on a pair and then discovered I made a huge mistake on both so this morning I will be ripping them out and planning a do-over only this time the right way.

Karen said...

The quilting on the Amish piece looks fine to me. I am glad that you are keeping it.

Dar said...

I love all your socks, especially those wild, bright green ones. That pattern does stand out with that yarn so well.