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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Retreat Experience

This past weekend, I attended my first
Quilting Retreat
in Sherman, NY.
I met two of my quilting friends from upstate NY.
We meet somewhere once a year and spend a weekend
laughing, chatting, stitching and exploring.

This was the first quilt retreat for all of us.

Needle in the Haystack is located in an
old dairy barn in the country.
Judy and Jeff, the owners of the business,
have turned this old barn into a lovely retreat space.
The barn is surrounded by beautiful flowers and
has gorgeous views of the sunset.

Judy and Jeff own a quilt shop in Erie, PA and then
have a fabric outlet here at the retreat center.
The fabric was $7/yard or less.

There were three different groups of quilters there for the weekend... 
making 21 total.
The retreat space was great.
We each had our own sturdy table with a light and comfortable chair.
There were ironing stations throughout the room and one big cutting table.
It would have been nice to have one more cutting station
and a design wall, but every available space was used.

The sleeping arrangments were different...
Most of us had to share a room with several other people.
The rooms were comfortable, though,
and the food was delicious.
Breakfast and lunch were provided.

There were quilts everywhere!
On the walls, on the backs of chairs, on the beds,
on the deck railings, in piles on shelves....
everywhere we looked there was quilting inspiration.

While I enjoyed the retreat,
I learned that this is not my thing.
Maybe I would feel differently if I had been with more people that I knew,
but I'm not sure I would go on another "sleep over" weekend retreat.
There are some hardcore retreat quilters out there!
One woman finished three tops,
having stayed up until 3 or 4 in the morning sewing!

It was a beautiful place and I did get a lot done,
but the best part was being with my two friends.

Happy Quilting!


Sara said...

Looks like beautiful setting. I have to agree that it would have been more fun if you had known more of the quilters there.

Anonymous said...

I have read about retreats and how much fun people have but I am not sure it would be for me either. I have everything I need at home! And I tend to sew alone and don't mind being quiet with my thoughts this way.

Churn Dash said...

I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy your retreat as much as you could have, but I can see how it could be difficult if you know you won't see the people again.

The two retreats places that I go to are run by friends. The first one was originally sponsored by the guild. I went on my own but knowing that I would recognise people. It really helped me get to know guild members. The other retreat used to have a lot of people from the Blackstone area but they don't really bother anymore.

At both places I get a room to myself so that I don't have to be polite all the time!


Needled Mom said...

It looks like an amazing place to have a retreat. I have never been on a retreat before, but it sounds very interesting.

Lara B. said...

What a fun looking place to go with your friends Ramona!
LOL - I can see how it would be a bit too different to sleep over with strangers. Glad you had a great time!