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Thursday, September 3, 2015

I've Succumbed....

I am jumping on the
"Tumbler" band wagon
and have cut a bunch of
Tumbler pieces.

Using the "Go!" Cutter made quick work of cutting these pieces.
 Plus, the corners are cut so there will be no
guess work as to how the pieces should line up to stitch.

These will be used as a
Leader/Ender project...
something I have not done before.
I am getting ready to start another quilt and
it is time I try this concept.

I have been collecting "Text" fabrics for a while
and am ready to make a quilt with these fun fabrics.

I've cut the squares and rectangles from the text fabrics
and obviously a non-text fabric as well! :)
I'm using Kaffe fabric for the color in this quilt and have
those squares cut, too.

Now all I need is my
Sewing Machine!

I am going on my
First Quilting Retreat
in two weeks (Woohoo!!)
and may save this project 
to work on then. 

Happy Quilting!!


Lara B. said...

Great minds think alike Ramona. LOL - I recently purchased the AccuQuilt tumbler die with the same thought in mind. I really want to train myself into the whole leader and ender routine. The very idea of having so much work completed while you work on another quilt is so tempting. My only worry is that it will take a lot longer to do the main quilt once you factor it in.
LOVE the look of your Kaffes and brights with those text and low volume fabrics! Oooh - i'm going to pin that on my LV board!

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

Great project for your retreat! I love the combo of bright KF prints with the light text prints. Looking forward to seeing it all together! Have fun at retreat.