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Monday, February 23, 2015

Out of Commission...

Not much sewing has been going on here....
I had my shoulder injected
and am hoping this takes care of the pain I've been having.

One thing I need to find is a higher chair for my sewing machine.
I'm short and my sewing machine sits on a desk in my
sewing room, not down in a cabinet, so I have to reach up a bit to sew.
Sewing like this puts pressure on my shoulder and the problem joint.

Does anyone have a wonderful chair that raises higher than
the normal desk chair?
I've even tried sitting on one of my bar stools. It was higher, but not
very comfortable!

Enough about that!

My younger daughter was home over the weekend
and she wanted to play with my
Accuquilt Go! cutter.

I pulled out a stack of patriotic fabrics
and she cut away.

Then we had fun putting them on my design wall.

This is what we have...

For several years now I have made small
Patriotic quilts for my siblings and mom.
I think this may be this years design.

I'll cut some white squares to finish off the design.

The Accuquilt Go! cutter sure made quick work of cutting all of these squares.

Hopefully I'll be stitching these together soon!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are creating.

Happy Quilting!


Debbie said...

I like to work at different levels in my studio and at one time had a drafting table chair I got at an office supply chain store. It was great until the bottom foot bar broke off...just an idea!

Podunk Pretties said...

My sewing table was given to me by my very short Aunt. She cut off the bottom of the legs to make the table shorter. I guess she couldn't find a chair either.

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

That will be make a wonderful quilt. Hope your shoulder feels better quickly. I use a big cushy office chair that goes up and down. I'm also sewing at an old work table that may be shorter than your desk. Usually I have to raise the chair to the highest level to make it comfortable. I was thinking about our bar stools and there is no way I could use those...they would be way too high and I would be leaning over the table sewing. I hope you find something soon that works.

Libby in TN said...

An office chair is probably your best option, but don't go for the cheapest one as the lift mechanism often fails prematurely. If you have to go so high that your feet don't touch the floor you'll need a foot rest. I like the idea of a shorter table. Whatever solution you come up with, having proper posture will not only reduce your pain, but improve your sewing. Let me know if the injection works because I am having a lot of pain in my shoulder following a fall.

Churn Dash said...

I'm sorry your shoulder hurts. I have my sewing machine in a Sew EZ table. It was a gift from my husband, at first I only used it when I went to retreats but then I realised I could use it at home.
At my LQS they have expensive Bernina chairs, they don't raise high enough for me to sew comfortably. So at least you don't have to look at that option.
Weirdly I made a heart block recently. Maybe Valentine's Day influenced us!


Alycia said...

Oh that is a great design! I was just thinking of chairs yesterday too - mine needs better back support ;-)

straythreads said...

bummer with the ergonomics, can you shorten the desk? saw would work great to shorten the legs. Do you take vitamin d and fish oil my cure all for aches. Love the star spangled heart.

Sue Daurio said...

Hope you feel better soon! Try one of the side saddle chairs, they raise to different heights, I use it sometimes on the long arm. Love your patriot pattern, looks great. How nice you had a little helper, that's so much fun!

MartiDIY said...

I have a chair from an office supply store also. I'm short and it goes lower and higher than I need. It probably was the cheapest chair in the store, but all the others had arms. I don't know how long it will last as I've only had it a year. I love your patriotic hearts too.

Lara B. said...

Yes, what the others said about using an office chair - that would work. Hope this shot really helps Ramona!
How fun what you and your daughter put together!

Terry said...

Pretty squares, I hope your shoulder gets better soon

Kate said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Shoulder problems are no fun. Love the patriotic heart.