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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Knitting Finish!

This past week I told myself I was going to finish the
I had started a long time ago.
It was about half finished when I picked it up again
a couple of weeks ago.

With the weather being so cold,
I've stayed home more
and Knitted!!
It's finished!!

This was a very easy, mindless pattern to knit,
but it is Heavy!
I just love the colors in this recycled Sari silk yarn.

Before I had to stop knitting for a while,
I had started a pair of socks for my daughter.
She had asked for Maryland socks for Christmas
(her sister is a grad),
but I couldn't find any to buy.
Instead, I bought red and black yarn and started knitting.
Now that I am able to knit a bit again,
I've started back on these.

This yarn is sooo soft!!
These socks will be nice and thick and warm!
They should be done quickly...
they are for my daughter who wears the size 1 or 2 shoe!!

Please visit Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting.

Happy Friday!


Sandie said...

Love the shawl! And the socks! Who makes the yarn you are using? And am I right that you are holding two strands together while knitting? Lucky daughter, because those look to be very warm and comfy!

straythreads said...

That turned out gorgeous!!!!! what a way to dress up a little black something or other. Interesting how the yarn in the socks to patterning

Judy S. said...

What a pretty shawl! Those yarn colors are so vibrant. Fun socks, too; are you randomly changing colors? What tiny feet you are knitting for; I'll bet you have yarn left!

Ramona said...

Hi Sandie, You are a "No Reply Blogger" so I am answering your questions here. I purchased my yarn from Simply Sock Yarn shop (http://www.simplysockyarn.com) and it's their own brand.. Poste. It's great yarn! And you are correct... I am knitting with two yarns together. They are going to be some really warm socks! Thank you for your visit.

Dar said...

Love the colors in the shawl and those socks look great too. Size 1 or 2 -- you probably get 2 pairs from the same amount of yarn it takes me to make 1 pair with my big feet! lol She's lucky to have a mother who knits so beautifully.