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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sewing Day with my Sister...

My sister isn't too interested in sewing...
Most of the Time.
(She is an AWESOME crocheter!)

For the last five years we have gotten together and
made a Christmas gift or two
for someone in her family.

This year she asked if we could make bags
for her two daughters.

We decided to take these:

(We didn't use the cute little skirt on top.... yet!)

And turn them into

Aren't they fun??!!

I'm quite proud of my sister...
I was the designer, but she did
MOST of the sewing!

They will be a hit with
her daughters, I am sure!

I made one after she went home
for my mom to give as a gift.

Not bad for a $1.99 denim skirt and some fabric!

Happy creating!!


1 comment:

Rhonda said...

I helped with the easy sewing. Even though I am not the seamstress I have a great time when we get together to create. I love you big sister.