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Monday, December 16, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Not much has gone on around
the sewing machine this week,
I did get a little sewing done.

The "Just Takes 2" blocks
are sewn together...
at least the first section.

I'm pretty sure this is where I am stopping.
This is not where I want to be
spending my sewing time, SO.....

What to do for borders?
Maybe a deep red?
Or black?

I'll have to play around with some fabrics.

I started sewing the rest of the blocks for
the courthouse steps quilt for 
my sister.


They will be added to these
completed blocks.

Hopefully these will be turned into a 
completed top by the end of the week.

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Happy Quilting!


Pieces of Time said...

I would just bind the red quilt in red and call it done. The courthouse steps has an awesome choice of colors.

Penny said...

Ramona, keep up the good work on the JustTakes2 quilt. I tried doing it and gave it up. I would love to see how yours finishes. Even binding the first section would be a great accomplishment. Good luck!

Podunk Pretties said...

A black border would make a big statement but so would a red...Hmmm...tough decision huh? Both quilts are looking good, waiting for the big finishj!