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Monday, November 4, 2013

Design Wall Monday...

.... Except I am writing this
Sunday evening
It's dark already!

I cannot get good photos of this
Finished Quilt Top...

The Borders just bring it
all together.

I haven't decided if I will quilt this myself
send it to my Longarm quilter.
The deciding factor will be if I want to wait to have it 

My machine quilting is not fancy,
Does it need fancy?
It already is
"Blind Man's Fancy"!!


Visit Patchwork Times to see what
others are showing this week.

Happy Quilting!


QuiltinGal said...

That quilt has a lot of little pieces and it looks like you have each point just perfect. You sound like me when it comes to quilting. I will quilt them myself or pay some one to quilt it. I will sometimes even hand quilt them or pay someone to hand quilt them.

Rhonda R. said...

Wow. This quilt is just beautiful. What an accomplishment to finish all those HST and flying geese!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

That is one gorgeous quilt!!!

Nann said...

I love it, too! The piecing shows off those beautiful fabrics to perfection. Congratulations!

Libby Smith said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The fabrics make it. And the goose sashing gives me goose bumps. Good job!

Tamera said...

Gorgeous quilt!

Jo said...

Awesome Quilt!!

Deanna W said...

I think you have great shots of the top. I also think that fancy quilting is not what it requires. Good luck!

straythreads said...

Fantastic quilt!!!

Tina said...

Love it! Nope, no need for fancy quilting :)

Shanna said...

This is simply amazing, you do very exacting work which I am very jealous of the perfect corners! Very well done! I don't think you need fancy quilting however I understand the desire to add special quilting stitches to highlight one's work. The flying geese though bring the quilt to a higher level, I am not sure if you want to detract from them...see i could could both ways all night arguing with myself, lol. Thanks again for sharing!