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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Back In the Winter....

...I took a class at the
Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest.

I don't remember what the class was called,
I had so much fun with it!

We decided what would be on our quilt....
dyed Silk Organza
to compliment our design.

We made a layered quilt,
with part of the design being on the background
part on the dyed Organza.

The technique does add
depth to the quilt.

 Some quilting was done on the background
some on the quilt after the 
organza was added.

The binding was a bit of a challenge
since the organza is a bit slippery.
It was a fun quilt to make
but, I don't think I'll make another on my own.
 Too many products to purchase!

I'm happy with
"Under the Sea."

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