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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Quilt Camp

For the second year I’ve joined my SIL
and three of her friends in upstate NY for 
Quilt Camp!
We were in a little house set up for 6 quilters
and sew to our hearts content. 
Nothing but sew, eat, sleep and sew some more.

Here we are, all set up in the living room.
There's just enough space for us,
an ironing station and a cutting station.

It was fun to see what everyone was working on
while we were at camp.
The different fabrics and colors were beautiful.

My SIL, Shelly, made these gorgeous blocks for Kim Diehl's
"Pie in the Sky" quilt.
It was so fun to see the blocks added to the wall after she
finished each one.
She thought this pattern would be beautiful in
red, white and blue fabrics.
We all agreed!

(This photo is truer to the colors in the fabrics.)

Missy made this beauty from a kit she'd had for several years.
There are A LOT of flying geese in this quilt.
The top is finished and just needs the borders.
(I didn't get the name of this one... sorry!)

Kathy made this fun quilt for a friend of hers.
(I didn't get the name of this one, either. Sorry!)
Each block was totally different and had to be laid out
individually.  I taught her to "web piece" so she was
able to keep the pieces where they belonged as she was piecing the blocks.
Someone suggested putting a tiny mouse in one corner
and a piece of cheese in another corner.
Wouldn't that be fun??

The fifth camper, Irene, was working on various projects and
for some reason, I never took a photo of her projects.
One thing she is working on is the
365 Block a Day project.

My first project was to make 4,386 of these log cabin blocks.
Actually, it was only 81 but it felt like a lot more!
There wasn't a space large enough to lay them out,
so I will be doing that on my design floor later on today.

Once the log cabin blocks were finished,
I put together one of the blue
Canyon Dance baby quilts..
I need to make one more block for the other top.

The little house is across from this gorgeous view.
There were houses between ours and the lake,
but we could see the sunset between the houses.

It was so much fun and I am already looking forward to next years camp.

Happy Quilting!


Sara said...

What a fun little retreat! I love the curvy blue baby quilt. Gorgeous!

Libby in TN said...

Such a beautiful setting for a fun get together. All the projects are stunning.

chrisknits said...

So much fun! Can I become a camper???!!! Love all those tops, but that star one is gorgeous! I love that pink/blue combo she used in a few blocks. And your count of log cabins, LOL! Sometimes they can seem like a lot more than they are. Glad you had fun.

Julie said...

Wow, what fun! Small quilt camps with friends are awesome, I'm so glad you could go and share project pics with us. I am trying to get caught up on blog reading. You have done so well with your projects. I miss my sewing machine and I told my husband I need some "hide out" time this weekend! We drove from Niagara Falls to Lake Placid last week.

Vicki in MN said...

Was this for a whole week? Sounds wonderful, I need something like this, I'll be over next year, haha. You all accomplished a lot while there. Love your blue Canyon quilt.

Alycia Quiltygirl.com said...

Oh that looks like so much fun - all the projects are just great!!!

Frédérique said...

What a fun quilt camp! Beautiful projects, I love the idea of the mouse and cheese ;) Conratulations, you did all of you a great job!

Needled Mom said...

Wow...you guys got so much done. I gasped at the thought of 4,000+ log cabin blocks until I finished reading the sentence. lol I think a mouse and cheese would be PERFECT for that quilt. Your blues are as pretty as the greens were. Gorgeous.