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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Other Things

I'm here, but not in my Hidey Hole here.
My mom was in a bad car accident
and has required some extra help and company.
She wasn't badly hurt, thank God,
but enough that she couldn't be alone.

Plus, she has needed help dealing with the insurance company.
The driver who ran the red light is uninsured,
 driving on a suspended license
and was "distracted". 
Four cars and a pedestrian were involved.
My mom's car was totaled and we are so
thankful she wasn't killed.
No one was that day, but we don't know the
condition of the pedestrian at this point.
Things can sure change in an instant.

Before this happened,
I started working on another 
Christmas tree skirt for a wedding we
are going to next month.

There are four of these strip sets sewn together.


They will be cut into wedges with this template
and sewn together into the tree skirt.

I doubt much will be done in the next few days,
but it shouldn't take long once I am back to my
normal schedule.

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Oh, so sorry for your mother and thankful she and the others survived. One of our local TV stations came up with the word "intexticated" for distracted driving.

That's going to be a beautiful tree skirt. You've just reminded me to make one for GS-2's wedding this summer.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so glad your mother will be alright - having had to deal with someone hitting us with no insurance several times can be a real pain for sure adding added stress when you certainly do not need it. I hope she had the uninsured driver policy added to her insurance so they will pay for things. It sounds like this driver should be in a big heap of trouble for sure. I hope all well be well that were injured.

Vicki in MN said...

Oh Ramona, I am so glad your mom will be alright, how scary for everyone in that accident. Praying she heals quickly. Your tree skirt is going to be so 'rich' looking! Hugs.

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear, Ramona. I am so glad that your mom is doing okay physically. That must have been a terrible accident. I do hope the driver gets the book thrown at him for all of the violations. What does it take to keep them off the roads??? Grrr. I'm so glad that you are able to take the time to spend with your mom and help her navigate through this.

Your tree skirt is going to be amazing. Those fabrics look so elegant.

Sara said...

Healing thoughts for your mom and the other injured. Hope that driver gets some serious jail time. I get so frustrated over things like this.

straythreads said...

Hug and prayers for you and your mom. Those gold fabrics. Ooooo that will be beautiful

Julie said...

Hugs and prayers for your mother. How horrible for all involved and I am so glad you are able to help her out. Beautiful beginnings of the tree skirt. I have not seen those fabrics before! Gorgeous!

Churn Dash said...

It's good that your mother is ok. I wonder how she will feel about driving again.

Love how the gold for the tree skirt.


Judy D in WA said...

Oh goodness! Hugs to your mom and to you! You just never know what your day will be like. It can change in an instant.
That tree skirt is going to be gorgeous!

time4stitchn said...

I am so sorry the accident took place and I am sure you are relieved it was not worse. Your mother is lucky to have you there to support her and help her.
I love the tree skirt. Could you tell me what the pattern is? I have a wedding present to make and think this would be perfect for my red and green pack of batik strips. Also are the 4 strip sets all the width of the fabric?