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Friday, April 6, 2018

Bible Book Block Quilt Finish

It's done!
The largest quilt I've quilted myself is finished.
About half way through I thought,
"What was I thinking?? There is a reason people are
longarm quilters for hire."

Some areas look better than others,
but as a friend says,
"Finished is better than perfect."

 "Bible Book Block Quilt"

These blocks represent the Old Testament,
minus four blocks. I couldn't put them all in the top,
so used one for the label on the back.
I had planned on piecing the four into the back and forgot all about it.


The information is written on the boat.


Last year the quilt group I belong to made these blocks all year,
while learning a bit about each book of the OT.
We could use any color scheme we wanted 
and the layout was up to us as well.
 (Our leader, Linda, comes up with the greatest challenges!)


Everyone's blocks were gorgeous!
The color schemes were so different and all so pretty.


The quilts will be on display at the quilt shop
where we meet in May.
I'll try to remember to get photos of all of the quilts
and share them here.

Onto the next fun project!

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Great finish! I would be nice to be able to see all the others.

Sara said...

It turned out awesome! And no one but you will notice any non-perfect spots.

chrisknits said...

What a great finish! Way to go.

Needled Mom said...

That looks great. It sounds like a great project as well.

Julie said...

Way to go on the finish! It looks awesome. I look forward to seeing more of the quilts. What an awesome project.

Vicki in MN said...

I'll bet you are just tickled pink that it is done and all done by you! I love the little print you used for the backing and binding. Nicely done Ramona:)

Lynette said...

Yay! This is aterrific finish. Love the red and white and black together, and the label is absolutely charming.

Debbie said...

Hooray! The black really accentuates your blocks. I wish I could be there to admire all the beautiful quilting you have done onit.

straythreads said...

That quilt is gorgeous wish I could see the whole bunch
have a great week