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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I got the call from my longarm quilter
that my Blooming Nine Patch was finished.
I had errands to run,
so while I was out I stopped and bought the fabric for binding
and picked up my quilt.

Last night I laid the quilt on the floor before trimming it.
Something looked off, but I figured trimming it would
make all things right with the world.

I trimmed the edges evenly,
laid it back on the floor and almost cried.

You can't really see it in this photo,
but the sides flare at the top and bottom.

 You can see how uneven the side is in this photo.
I know my stitching was pretty accurate,
so the only thing I can think happened
is when they put it on the frame to quilt it,
the top and bottom were pulled more than the middle.
I didn't stay stitch the edge because I was having a difficult time
trimming just the top evenly and figured I'd even everything up
after it was quilted.

This is how much the quilt is off side to side.
There is nothing that can be done about it now.
I'll use it as a table cloth or something,
but it won't be given as a gift.

I do like the quilting pattern I chose for it, though.

Happy Quilting!
Even when things don't go as planned.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think because it is your quilt you see the imperfection more than others I really had to look to see what you see and it doesn't stand out to me. Always remember when you gift a quilt that the person you are gifting to most likely is not a quilter and wouldn't see what you see - they will see the beauty of the color and the design and not realize that you didn't see it as perfect.

kupton52 said...

The quilt is beautiful....but have you thought about blocking it? If you have a big enough space to wet the quilt and pin it down squarely (hopefully, there will be enough "give" through the middle of the quilt), and let it air dry. I've done this on smaller items as big as baby quilts and wll hangings after being quilted, one, after it was bound. If you can't abide the flare I would try this, but honestly, laying on a bed or draped across the sofa the flare won't be noticed. You're an artist, Ramona, and this quilt still goes in the "win" category. Blessings....

Needled Mom said...

Tat is such a shame. It really does not show that much in the photos, but that bottom picture showing just how far off it is looks like the difference is noticeable. It is such a pretty quilt with all of the nine patches. Does it have a lot of bias edges in it? It may be obvious to you, but I doubt that many non quilters would notice the error and it will still be a nice quilt to snuggle under. That IS a great quilting design.

Libby in TN said...

The fabric combination is absolutely gorgeous and no one but you will ever notice. I put a border on mine because I needed it to be bigger; now I'm glad I did!

straythreads said...

Beautiful quilt it looks like a Persian rug. I agree that a non quilter wouldn’t notice it. Lay it on the bed and see how noticeable it is. A lot of faults fall over the edge and no one but the maker knows. I would certainly mention it to the long arm quilter if you take a quilt there again.
From here it is gorgeous

Sara said...

It's gorgeous and I think once it's washed and dried, you may not even notice any rippling. It's so pretty!

time4stitchn said...

It is a gorgeous quilt. I would be upset as well. Have you spoken with your longarmer to see what she noticed about the quilt both before and during the process?

But I would still give it as a gift if that was its intended use. No one will see the underside when it is on a bed. They will only notice the beautiful rainbow of colors and the pieces of fabric that made it. Your color selection is so striking.

This is a great pattern made of simple blocks but the gradation of colors is so pretty.


Julie said...

I can see the flare, how sad! The edges look bias, were they? I wouldn't think the quilter should have stretched it though, they have methods for lining up quilts straight! It is still a beautiful quilt . I am sorry you had this unexpected event happen!

Unknown said...

I ALWAYS stay stitch anything that is on the bias whether I leave the bias as the edge or put a straight grain border on it. Hopefully you can ease it in a bit as you put the binding on.