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Thursday, February 8, 2018


I know I should be taking the borders off of my
On Ringo Lake
so I can figure out where the mistake was made,
fix it
and finish that quilt.
Who wants to sit with a seam ripper,
removing 8 borders from a quilt that was supposed to be finished
when there is new fabric waiting to be played with and sewn together?

I decided the borders could wait.
Out came this kit that I bought a year ago and is screaming to be made.

It's a Blooming Nine Patch...
made with Kaffe fabrics!
You know it had to come home with me!

 The strips have been cut for a while
and the sewing commenced the other day.

I ran out of room at the top of my design wall!
There are several more rounds of squares and nine patches to be added
once they are made.

I've made two of these before and the most difficult part was
choosing the fabrics.
The kit sure made it easy!

I'll keep plugging away and while this is being put together,
maybe I'll be inspired to spend some time with my seam ripper.

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Great choice for Kaffe fabrics. I hope you saw the B9P on my bed I posted last week. I love it and would make another in a heartbeat. You are right, the hardest part is choosing the fabrics. GS2 is getting married in August so I may make one for them ...

Sara said...

Oh my - that is so fun looking! The gradual color change is awesome.

Vicki in MN said...

I, too, have one of those quilts that needs some quilting ripped in order to move on with it. It's been on the shelf for years!!!!! Don't let that happen to your Ringo:)

Needled Mom said...

I've seen that quilt finished and LOVE the design. The colors in yours are fabulous. It is definitely more fun than ripping!!! It's so hard to pick it up when you know that has to be done. Sigh!

straythreads said...

This is gorgeous too! So sad about the borders I went back and re read that post and I would rip too some errors are too tough to live with especially after all that work on the piecing.
Have a great weekend

Julie said...

I love you Blooming 9 patch! Kaffe fabrics make it wonderful. The borders will still be there for some down time ripping! I have had the book for years to make the Blooming 9 patch and had fabrics picked, but now they aren't my choice. Someday I will make one!