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Friday, February 3, 2017

Finished Blocks!

The Wedding Quilt blocks are finished,
but I can't show them here!
Now I will begin putting the quilt together.

In the meantime,
I have done a little "non secret" sewing
and have a couple of things to show here.

My new quilting buddies all wanted to learn how to make the

Yesterday we all gathered here with supplies in hand and began the adventure.

I am making two bags at once.
The exterior piece is straight line quilted with variegated thread.  

This is the exterior for the second bag.
I've had these fabrics for years!
It's good to get them out and made into something.


The zippers are in on the interior for the second bag.
Following this tutorial helps so much in making these bags.

Hopefully I will have finished bags to show soon!


I have been able to knit some on my 
"Under the Oak" shawl the past couple of weeks.
After ripping it all out because of TWO mistakes
and starting over,
things are moving along nicely.

The pattern calls for one more cable, 
but I may make two more.
After the body is finished,
a band is knitted onto the shawl.

For all of you more experienced knitters,
how do I knit so the little openings don't form on the side of the
cable twist.
I have pulled the yarn as tight as I can when knitting
these rows, but get the little openings.

This isn't quite as portable as a sock!

Happy Friday!


straythreads said...

ooooh those oranges take me back to the 70's. Love the bright bags and your cables are beautiful!! a right and a left or cable front and cable back to keep track of good for you. all mine are the same. No idea how to avoid the hole unless maybe knit a little looser so the yarn can relax and hide it. Just a thought I have never done right and left together like you are.
have a great weekend

Sara said...

I like your fabric choices for the Sew Together bag. In 2 weeks I'm repeating the class I taught a couple of weeks ago at my local quilt shop. It was fun to see what fabrics the participants chose. I have 2 "partially" constructed versions that I use as demos during class, so I'm anxious to finish them up eventually.

Vicki in MN said...

Looking forward to seeing the yummy bags all done-are those mini charms you are using for the one? Congrats on getting the wedding blocks all done.

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE the Sew Together bags. I need to do one, but I hear they are addictive.

The cable looks so pretty in the knitting. Love the colors.

Dar said...

Your sew together bag looks great in those colors. Would like to make one of these one day. I love your color in the cable sweater. Wish I knew enough about knitting to help with the little holes on the cables, but not experienced enough. Maybe Judy L can give you a tip, she loves doing cables.