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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Shirt Quilt Blocks

Progress is being made on the
Shirt quilt for the widow of a dear friend.
Working with shirts that have been worn and laundered
over and over is so peaceful and calming to me.
The fabric is so soft and cuddly.
Using these shirts has brought back memories I have
of the wonderful man who wore them.

 I am using this pattern to make this quilt.  
I've made it once before and love how it looks with the recycled shirts.

His wife gave me 8 shirts... just the right number for this design.
I'll use the 8th shirt for the inner border and binding.
It's solid red!

Snowballs ready for stitching.

I've added a few more ornaments to the 
Advent Calendar Tree.
These things are addictive!

Happy Quilting!

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