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Monday, January 11, 2016

New project

Last year a dear friend from church died somewhat unexpectedly.
After things calmed down a bit with his wife,
I offered to make her a quilt from some of his shirts.
After some time, I was able to collect the shirts from her
and yesterday I began cutting them apart.

This man was a wonderful person....
he would literally have given anyone the shirt off of his back.
To be able to create something for his loving wife from his shirts
means a lot to me.

The shirt pieces are pressed and ready to cut into strips and blocks
and will make a great quilt.

Hopefully I will have some blocks to show in a day or two!

The little ornaments for my Advent Calendar tree are
slowly coming together.

For some reason the little snowflake stars are washed out in the photo.

I just love these little hearts and can see a string of them on my big tree.
What do you think?

Happy Quilting!!


Churn Dash said...

I think they will look great!

What a lovely idea to make the quilt with shirts. A real labour of love.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a pattern for the hearts and other little ornaments you're making? The quilt will be a cherished gift.