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Monday, October 5, 2015

Let's Just Say....

Life is a bit
right now!
And I really hate bad head days!
They suck the energy right out of me.

But I'm good now and hope to get some
quilting done this week!

I did manage to get the latest
blocks sewn together.

I really like the colors of these blocks.
Only one more set of colored blocks and
then the background blocks get made.

Happy quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Your Gravity is looking good. Hope you have a better day today.

Lynette said...

Hi, Ramona :D The Gravity quilt is a neat project, isn't it? Thanks for linking up. :)

KMTrott said...

Great blocks, that Gravity pattern is awesome! I saw a finished Gravity quilt that one of the ladies in my guild (MMQG) did and it was stunning! I'm sure yours will too :)

Churn Dash said...

Love the colour of Gravity. The yellow/orange one really glows. The block is cool.


Kat said...

Looking great so far!

Karen said...

The blocks look good in the solid colors.

Alycia said...

Oh those are such beautiful colors!