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Friday, June 5, 2015

Blog Award and a Giveaway!

A couple of weeks ago, I was honored by
Lara at
for nominating my blog for the

"One Lovely Blog Award."

The purpose of this award is to help introduce readers
to blogs they may not have visited and to help us find
new blog treasures and meet new people.

If you accept the award, then you write a blog post and:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their post.
 2. Share 7 things about yourself 

3. Choose 10 blogs to nominate for the award. (It is fine to nominate less than ten  just however many you feel comfortable with nominating.) 

Here is my acceptance speech:

I want to thank Lara at BuzzinBumble for nominating my blog for this award.
It means a lot coming from a fellow quilter, upstate New Yorker and person
with a great sense of humor.
(You HAVE to read her post on hypnotizing frogs.... here.)

Seven things about me are:

 1.  My faith is very important to me. I am a Believer.

 2. I dated my husband for two weeks before we were engaged. 
We just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, so I guess it is working!

3. I started sewing when I was 8 and haven't stopped.
In the past I've made my clothes, my daughters' clothes, doll clothes,
window treatments, flags... you name it. 
I didn't start quilting until about 12 years ago.

4. I had moved 16 times before moving to the home I am in now. The longest
I had lived anywhere was 5 years and that was the first home we had after we
married. I have been in this home for 25 years...a huge record for me!

5. I am a College Basketball junkie! And there is no
12 step program for this, so I will continue
to cheer and yell my way through basketball season.

6. I love to bake and my husband says I make the best
Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Cake.

7. I am very shy until I get to know someone. It takes all I have
to go up to someone I don't know and begin a conversation.
(You should hear the conversation in my head before I go over to the person!)
But once I know someone... it's all good!
Well...I hope I haven't scared any of you away! :)

The next part of the nomination was actually the most difficult for me.
I read a number of blogs, but have not "met" a lot of the people writing
these blogs. A few of the bloggers I approached were unable to
participate at this time, so my list is short.

The bloggers I am nominating are all very talented quilters
with different quilting styles.

Idaho's Quilting Adventures: Julie

To entice you to visit the wonderful blogs above, I'm going to copy
Lara and offer a give away.


Please visit the blogs, including Lara's, and leave a comment.
Tell me how many blogs you commented on
and each comment will be a chance in the give away.

PLEASE make sure I can contact you if you are the winner!

I will have my daughter draw the winners name on Friday, June 12th.

So.. what could you win?

This mini Kaffe spool quilt.
The background text fabric is so cute and plays
so well with the Kaffe Spools.
It's 14 1/2 x 18 1/2". 

 Who knows... maybe there will be some
other goodies in with the quilt.
And some Chocolate Chip cookies may be in the package, too.


Lara B. said...

Ramona you are so warm and friendly and fun that I never would have guessed that you are a shy person. How in the world did you handle that as a nurse? Was it different when you were doing your job? I'm guessing "yes". I can do things as a Blogger that I am too shy to do in everyday life.
It was fun reading your seven things! Wow - two weeks of dating and then engaged! And obviously true love! And I remember you talking about how often you had moved until this home. But I did not know how crazy you are about BBall. :)
I had fun visiting all 4 of your nominees, three of whom were new to me. You picked lovely people! And your giveaway is so totally awesome! That's a beautiful quilt Ramona! And I am not at all surprised by your generosity.

sharon said...

Perhaps the last comment was lost. I loved this! It was fun to go visit the other 4 blogs as I had only seen one before. And those pink zebra socks - love, love, love. And what a darling little quilt - you are very generous. Thanks for giving me an excuse for more fun.