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Monday, June 17, 2024

Two Veterans Quilts

 A few weeks ago my sister called and asked if I'd like to
go with her to see the stash of the mom of a friend of her husbands.
This friends mom had been a huge quilter and had died recently.
She had suffered from dementia for several years,
so her things had been in storage for that time.

You know I said YES!!

There was so much fabric, mainly reproduction fabrics,
which I just don't use at this time.
There were also a lot of rulers, notions, cutting mats,
patterns... the list goes on.

One bin I found had a bunch of zip lock bags filled with
finished blocks.
I bought this bin, thinking I could make some quilts
with these "packages" of blocks,
and, boy, can I!

One set of blocks must have been part of a block
exchange she was involved in because I don't know
how many different baggies of 3-10 blocks there were in this bin.

I pulled them out, cut some plain blocks to alternate with the pieced blocks
and had this quilt top finished in not time.
The people who pieced these blocks were meticulous.
Each one was exactly 4" square and so well done.
It was fun looking at all of the fabric combinations that
made up the blocks.
The next set of blocks I pulled from the bin were huge 16" blocks.
At first I wasn't sure how I could use these to make a 48x60" quilt,
and then I placed them on point.

This quilt top went together very quickly, too,
and is so striking, I think.
I used the four extra blocks for the backing, but should have
made another quilt with them. 
I didn't think of that until it was finished.

Everything I used to make these two quilts came from this ladies stash...
the blocks, the plain blocks and backing fabrics, the batting and the thread.

It made me sad to see that she had done all of this work, but
hadn't completed the quilts.
I have no idea how many quilts she made over the years,
but she was a talented quilter.
It really has me thinking of how I will use my stash from now on.

Both of these quilts will be donated to my local Veterans hospital.

Happy Quilting!


Vicki W said...

Both of these are perfect veterans quilts! I love seeing an abandoned stash be turned into something wonderful!

Vicki in MN said...

You might have just saved all of her hard work from entering the garbage pile! And you made quick time of it too! I think we all know our stashes will not be used all up by us, just not enough time and we keep buying more because it makes us happy!

Libby in TN said...

Both are great saves!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea of the name of the X block in first picture? I love that scrappy look!

Anonymous said...

The X block is called the old Italian quilt block as seen on u tube My Sewing Room