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Monday, July 11, 2022

By The Sea Finish

 This is the fourth and final addition to the
seasonal wall hangings I'm making for a dear friend.

For a recap,
here is the spring wall hanging.

Then last week I posted about the fall wall hanging.

And now I have finished the summer wall hanging.
(She already had a winter one from several years ago.)
My friend has a beach house and LOVES
going there with her grandchildren.

I found two applique patterns and combined them
into one wall hanging and made a few changes.

It is ready to gift.

I had not done any applique in quite some time
and loved getting back into it.

The patterns for these can be found here and here.
I have another applique project I'd like to start,
but need to get a few other things done first.
Today I'm posting to Design Wall Monday.
Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

Sweet! You are a generous friend. I should get back to applique; I used to be pretty good at it. I think it's the prep that I try to avoid.

Vicki in MN said...

They all turned out wonderful.

Sara said...

Absolutely adorable!! Your friend will love and enjoy these.

Churn Dash said...

They are so lovely.
The quilting in the sand and sea is fabulous.
My son wants a small quilt to hang, children are not his thing but I will look at the patterns.
Wow, I got lost down the rabbit hole of patterns on Etsy!

Annie said...

Oh! Sweet Summer wall quilt! Your friend will have fun changing her seasonal quilts and thinking about her very dear friend who made them for her as she enjoys them. I had to laugh at Churn Dash’s comment about getting lost down the rabbit hole of patterns on Etsy. Because I’ve been there, done that SO many times! Ha! But it’s always a fun time. The variety is awesome.

Kim said...

Such beautiful gifts for your friend. She is going to love each seasonal wall hanging. All are lovely but I think my favourite is the sweet children playing at the beach. It is filled with whimsy and delight. Lovely applique, too.

Unknown said...

I love this! How ceative to combine 2 patterns to get just what you want. Really like the other quilts too. Thanks for sharing.