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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Hank's Bucilla Stocking

 Do you ever have let one little thing keep you from finishing a project?
The one thing I dislike about making these Bucilla kits
is making the cording that is used in some of them.
I can never get it to look right,
so therefore put off doing it.
I've had the felt part of this stocking done for about a month,
all except the cording used as the reins for the reindeer.
 Yesterday I finally decided it needed to get done.
Before I made the cording,
I made the quilted stocking to which the
felted front would be stitched.
For those who may be new, here is how I make the quilted stocking.

First I make a quilt sandwich large enough for two stocking pieces.

Then I use the felt backing that comes in the kit as a pattern.
I cut about 3/8-1/2" around the felt piece.

When using the same fabric for the inside and outside
of the stocking, it doesn't matter how I lay the felt piece
on the quilt sandwich.
Once both sides are cut out, I stitch around the outside
of the stocking, leaving the top open.

Binding strips are cut on the bias and pressed in half.
(I cut my binding strips at 2 1/2", but they could be cut at 2 1/4".)
I then sew the binding strips around the body of the stocking and
turn the binding to the back and stitch it finished before binding the top.

The top is bound and finished like you would finish
the binding on a quilt.
I push the sides of the stocking toward the back
and smooth it as much as possible.

With a piece of left over binding,
I press it in quarters length-wise,
fold in the ends and top stitch around the 
entire piece for a hanger.
I stitch this to the stocking just to the back of the
side binding.
You can make this to the length of your choosing.

Once the stocking is done,
I stitch the felted piece to the front
using small applique like stitches.

 Voila!  The stocking is finished and
ready to fill to the brim!!

This stocking is for my god-grandson and will 
be delivered on Tuesday... in plenty of time for

Happy Quilting!


Annie said...

Great job of it, Ramona! The stocking looks really wonderful. It’s just adorable with the Bucilla 3D effect. They are always so detailed and glitzy with sequins. You do beautiful work with these kits.

Judy S. said...

Beautiful job! I love the backing fabric, and the Santa is amazing/

Debbie said...

Another great stocking with all the intricate felt pieces, sequins and beads. Just love them. Every time you show another finish, I recall how much fun they are to make. This one is so cute extending beyond the stocking shape! Your god-grandson will cherish it for years to come.

Vicki in MN said...

He will love the stocking. The reindeer looks like he is stepping right off that stocking! Your method sounds like a good one and gives a lot more stability to the stocking.

Needled Mom said...

That’s such a cute stocking. It is nice to have the additional strength to the felt stocking. It also protects those fragile stitches.

straythreads said...

Beautiful finish