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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ryan's Quilt

You know that feeling you get when you've finished
the top of a quilt that has been rather difficult
and time consuming to make and breath a sigh of relief?
(This quilt was started in the beginning of last year and then was not touched.)
I had that feeling yesterday.....

until I looked at the photograph I sent to my daughter to show her.

Does anyone see any issues here?
I'm amazed at how when looking at something on my 
design wall it can look perfect.
Then the photograph shows an error plain as day.
(Lower left corner... yellow and green triangles are switched.)

Then, as I was looking more closely at the photo,
I saw two areas where the wrong color triangles were used.

The areas are circled below.
If you hadn't seen the pattern, you might not have noticed,
but I am VERY familiar with the pattern.

The mistakes were fixed and the top is waiting for a good
pressing and the 3" blue borders. 

I learned something while making this quilt.
I had started pressing the seams open on all of the
triangles and rows and then decided to press them to one side to see if it mattered.
I am MUCH more accurate at matching points when the seams
are pressed to the side.
My obsessive self wanted to redo the first 6 rows because
they are not as accurate,
but instead I ripped the most offensive corners and redid them. 

Hopefully this will be quilted by next weekend when I will be seeing
the brother to whom this will be given.

Happy Quilting!


Judy S. said...

That is an amazing quilt. Glad you fixed the parts that bothered you although I sure didn't notice them.

Debbie said...

Oh my...what a piecing challenge! One of my table mates at retreat was making the Labyrinth Walk quilt pattern which has two blocks that make the intricate pattern and she had several sessions with her seam ripper. Your project looks even more challenging! Very pretty finish.

Sara said...

The finished top is amazing! I can sure understand why it was a challenge to make as it looks very complicated. Great job!

Kim said...

Looking at your quilt I am amazed there are no more little mistakes.It looks very tricky to piece together. Fabulous you were able make the changes before it was too late. Do you know, I had to look hard and long to see the mistakes.

Libby in TN said...

I didn't see the errant triangles, but did notice the upside-down strip of diamonds that I see you have rectified. I have yet to try one of Berry's patterns and doubt I ever will, but they are spectacular (when done correctly).

Annie said...

I thought the yellow and green color switch was an interesting design aspect. WOW, what an amazing undertaking and what a great job you did with it! I can’t even imagine attempting that quilt design.

Preeti said...

OH my goodness gracious Ramona, this is such an intense quilt with a zillion little pieces. Of course it took a while to finish it. I am sure that if I tried it I would need a lot of breaks and even then I'd feel completely depleted. Finding mistakes would be very disheartening. So I am in complete awe of you and your patience. Kudos to you!!!

Sandy said...

It's beautiful, and had you not indicated where the problems were...I would never had found them. Long ago someone told me the Amish always make a mistake on their quilts, as nothing should be perfect.

Vicki in MN said...

It's stunning, amazing and fantastic!!!

straythreads said...

Another one of your amazing quilts. I seldom fix things if my colors or block is turned unless it in the early easy to fix stage. I might have changed the yellow and green but I think is fun to find those little irregularities after it’s finished. That’s me. Beautiful quilt top

Needled Mom said...

I really only noticed the one error until you pointed out the other two. It is a fabulous quilt. I am much more accurate with seams pressed to the side too.

Vicki W said...

I have the book to make one of those quilts and want to make one. But now I'm not so sure!