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Monday, August 16, 2021

Three Dudes Quilt

 Before the big move, I had made all of the blocks for this quilt..
(There is a pattern and a youtube video showing how to make this pattern.)
In the midst of my move, I needed something to sew one day
and pulled these blocks out of the box.
I laid them out on my design floor and began sewing them into a top.
Well, somehow between the floor and the machine,
things were moved and switched and everything ended up into a mess.
The partially finished top went back into the box out of frustration.
Last week I decided it was time to spend some quality time with my seam ripper
and get this top finished.
I put a book on Hoopla to listen to and ripped away.

Here is the finished top.
Needless to say, I am very happy I decided to rip and
resew these blocks.
The black strips really makes these fabrics shine.

This is a tricky top in some ways because of all the bias
edges you have once the blocks are cut.
I starched the heck out of the blocks and that certainly helped.

This is not the border that pattern used, but I don't know
where all of my extra strips are from this top.
These pieces were cut from the left-overs from making the blocks
with the black corners added.
I can now check this off of my list and move on to another project
that has been in limbo land.
Last night I finished the Bucilla kit I have been working on lately.

All these need are the hangers and they are ready for a tree!

Happy Quilting and creating!


Libby in TN said...

I can see how it would be easy to mess that one up but it was certainly worth the effort to fix your mistakes!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Three Dudes is a handsome quilt; I'd be pleased with myself if I persevered and spent the needed repair time on that one, too! Bravo!! I just love the precious little ornaments, they're so sweet.

Sara said...

A beautiful top with such pretty color choices! But I can understand how easy it would have been to get some of those blocks into the wrong places.

Cute little ornaments too! Maybe after I get my eye lasered again my eyesight will be good enough to finish the ones I started. I just had too much trouble seeing the holes in the tiny beads.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it would be complicated to keep it in order as sewing. I’m glad you persevered and finished it. It turned out so well. Your ornaments are really cute.

straythreads said...

It looks like stained glass! Gorgeous !! And I bet all those black corners match smart girl to starch all those blocks well done
The ornaments are adorable

Debbie said...

Great border. Yep...definitely time worthy to get the seam ripper out and make it right. Those Bucilla ornaments are so sweet!

swooze said...

Love your quilt top!

Crang70 said...

I always look forward to your posts! This one is particularly gorgeous and is now on my to do list! Would you share your fabric choices? They're perfect for this quilt!
Your bucilla projects are always beautifully done! You always make me want to start doing them too. But I'm resisting temptation! You've already added considerable patterns to my quilt to do list!

Vicki in MN said...

Te ornaments are cute, but the quilt is gorgeous!! I love how the black strips stand out.

Kim said...

Goodness, I can well believe this was a tricky quilt top to sew. But, of course, it is a beautiful quilt! The black strips are fabulous in making those blocks shine. As for your gorgeous Bucilla pretties; it won't be long till they are hanging on the Christmas tree. With the rate this year is flying by, Christmas will be here before we know it.