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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Two More Finishes for 2020

The first set of finishes for 2020 was a pair of
USA map pillows.
I'd had the panels for some time and they
were screaming loud enough to be made.
Along with the black pair of pillows,
I had ordered a gray set.

Those are now finished, too!

These panels are "Metropolis" by Moda
and are so much fun.


I love all of the different fonts used for the states names.
These were super fast to put together.


The pillow inserts were added and the pillows
are ready for use.

Back in March, my sister bought this panel and 
accompanying fabric and wanted to make this wall hanging.
Her job became crazy and there was no time for sewing fun.

The other day I decide to make it for her and remove this pile from
my shelf of projects waiting to be made.

This panel was pretty straight, which was nice.
Not much trimming was needed.


The yellow daisies add so much to the black and white panel.
It's ready to deliver to my sister.

Onto the next thing on my shelf!

Happy Quilting!


kupton52 said...

Oh, Ramona....that panel truly reflects my personal philosophy as a "Gammie"! Who makes the panel? I would love to order one. You are a good sister! Blessings from a chilly southeastern WV. Brrrrrr

kupton52 said...

...found several on ebay...now to find similar daisy fabric on black background! I'll try to make mine a wee bit different.... :)

Kim said...

You truly do happen the most amazing quilting panels, Ramona. LOVE these pillows!

Vicki in MN said...

Very very cute, so nice of you to whip this up for your sister. After seeing your first map pillows I spotted a wooden wall hanging on a hotel wall in the shape of a map. Meant to get a pic for you and I forgot!

Needled Mom said...

Your sister's wallhanging is so cute. I love that border with it. The states are darling too. That is a nice panel. I tend to shy away from them as they are often so difficult to sew with their uneven lines.

straythreads said...

such fun panels well done!

chrisknits said...

You are getting it done! Love the pillows! I am 1 project in for the year, but it was a knit that was 75% done, so it wasn't a new project, but a finish is a finish!!

Julie said...

I got behind on blog reading. You projects are all amazing! I love the pillows and your sister's panel quilt and your HST's. Great finishes!