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Friday, January 24, 2020

Pastel Baby Quilt Progress

This week I've been able to sew in fits and spurts
and was able to get the inside of the latest baby quilt done.

The colors just do not photograph correctly on my design wall
and it's too dreary a day outside to take the quilt outside.
Hopefully when I finish it I can get some more accurate photos.

I really enjoyed making these Granny Square blocks.
The colors scheme is not my usual,
but I have to say...
I love this combination.

The pink squares in this middle block are not nearly that color.

Next I'll be adding wider borders and may even scallop them!
I'm hoping to get it to the quilting phase this weekend.

Fabric pull for the next baby quilt on the list.
Now, this is what I love!

Happy Quilting!


Julierose said...

I think this one is lovely--maybe it's a 2020 thing--I am working outside my usual color zone too..
Want to get back to doing my own thing after these two are done...

I like your new color pull--I had never done color pulls before, but this year I think
I will give it a try...hugs for a happy weekend Julierose

straythreads said...

Oooooh love those colors so feminine! Your next pile of fabrics look like fun too. thanks hanks for commenting if she has a girl she is definitely getting the pink quilt because the new gramma who has been my best friend since forever grew up on a sheep farm.
Hope you are staying warm

KatieQ said...

I love to make granny square blocks. The background is perfect with the pink and green fabrics.

Sara said...

Those bottom colors are exciting because they are definitely more my color palette but I must say the soft pastels are beautiful together. That is going to be a very sweet baby quilt.

kupton52 said...

This may be the prettiest baby quilt I've ever seen---the pastel pinks and greens is one of my favorite combinations. Well done, thou good and faithful quilter!

Kim said...

The first baby quilt is so me....love this Granny Square quilt. Yep, I am going to fashion one in the foreseeable future. I did smile when you showed the fabrics for your next baby quilt. Yes, they are more to your sensibilities, aren't they. =) I can't wait to see what you imagine with these bright and colourful fabrics.

Vicki in MN said...

Definitely the top one is not your color scheme, but sometimes it's fun to jump out of our box. Some little girl will love being wrapped in a quilty hug. Will you be doing the same pattern with the bright colors?

Debbie said...

Love how the quilt turned out! Amazing how you got all those points to meet the sashing. So pretty and soft.