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Friday, March 8, 2019

Another Wedding, Another Tree Skirt

One of my daughters' college roommates is getting married
later this year.
As some of you know, my traditional wedding gift,
when appropriate, is a Christmas tree skirt.
My daughter will be visiting from California in a couple of weeks,
so I thought I would try to get this tree skirt made before she comes.
If I can do this, I won't have to mail it to her before the wedding!

For this tree skirt, I decided to play with one of my wedge rulers.
I pulled the fabric I wanted to use and began cutting and sewing strip sets.

Here is what resulted from a few hours of 
cutting, sewing cutting again and sewing again.

Once it is quilted, the opening will be cut for the tree
and a cut will be made up one side.


See the fabrics with the words?
It's directional.
Ask me what I had to do once all of the strips
had been cut and partially sewn into sections.
I had cut the original strips going in the wrong direction,
so the words were sideways.
Some time was spent with my seam ripper
and the new pieces were cut so the words are going in the
right direction.

Quilting can be so humbling!


I hate to cut the center out of this.
I love how it looks!
Maybe I can make something with it once it's cut out.

This week I was able to make a few more blocks
from Lori Holt's
"Farm Girl Vintage" book.

The two blocks at the top and three blocks at the bottom
are new additions.
 I need to figure out how large this quilt is going to be
and then determine how many blocks will be needed.
These are fun blocks to make!

Happy Quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a very nice circle! a question you say you cut one side after it is done to make it so it can go around a Christmas tree- why don't you just leave one side unsewn to begin with ?

chrisknits said...

Wonderful projects happen there. I love the colors in your Farm project!

straythreads said...

What fun fabrics for the tree skirt and good for you for making use of what you have for the "vintage " quilt
And all those socks!!! Pine Ridge is getting blasted first with this next snow storm and we are going to watch the basketball tourney from the comfort of our home this weekend because of the snow.

Nancy said...

Your Christmas tree skirt is beautiful -- too beautiful (imho) to use only a few weeks of the year during Christmas! It deserves to be seen all year long! Love it!

Debbie said...

I always enjoy seeing the tree skirts you make for wedding presents. It was totally worth it to fix the directional words. I'd have a hard time cutting out the center too! I have always thought that when I looked at Bucilla tree skirt kits and then saw people using them as table toppers...I could do that!I think I own three tree skirt kits but haven't made one yet. I also really like the colorway for the Lori Holt blocks.

Julie said...

This is a wonderful tablerunner and great gift and I love the progress on your blocks!

Needled Mom said...

Yes, it can be humbling. It looks so nice and will be such a lovely gift. Your blocks are coming along so nicely and look so pretty.