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Friday, August 11, 2017

Applique Flowers

This finished quilt top has been a long time
in the making.

I'm not sure when I began appliqueing the blocks,
but it was a least two years ago.
A little work would be done,
it'd get put away for a while
before being pulled out and a little more 
work would be done.
Earlier this year I decided it was going to be finished.

Finally, it's a completed top.

I am pleased with the finish,
but had the most difficult time finding the outer border fabric.
Do you ever have something in mind
and nothing works because it isn't that?

I'm not sure how many quilt shops I visited,
how many online sites I checked and
how many times I looked at my stash,
but nothing was working for me.


Several pieces of fabric came home with me and were scrapped.

Finally, I found this piece the other day.
While it isn't even close to what I had in mind,
it works.
I'm pleased with it and think it looks nice with
the applique.

Now to get it quilted!

Happy Quilting!


Libby in TN said...

That border definitely works. It reflects the subject of the applique and it's in the same color family. Good choice!

Debbie Huber said...

I love the applique blocks! And I also think the border fabric is very complimentary to the quilt.

Julie said...

The border works and I can definitely understand your dilemma trying to find the right fabric. It's beautiful. I really like your metro rings on your previous post too! I have made one quilt with that ruler, but have a couple more patterns.

Sandy said...

Yes, I almost always have something specific in mind when I go to the quilt shop. Maybe we are designers at heart! Your appliqué is gorgeous!

kupton52 said...

The border fabric looks like it was made for the quilt top....I see the perfect blue of the sashing, plus the red and green are picked up....you made a perfect choice! Well done! It is so very pretty.

Vicki in MN said...

Before reading your post, just looking at the quilt, I thought wow you found the perfect border fabric! I think it pulled everything together so nicely:)

Robin said...

Janet O. roguequilter.blogspot.com and I were just talking about this yesterday. She had put a shout-out for a certain green fabric a while ago and some great bloggers sent her what she needed. I have a quilt that I am looking for border fabric for. I have the piece I need but it only measures 1 yd. I can't find more of it anywhere and nothing else seems to be right. I'm going to have to take a page out of your book and just rethink it and look for something else. . . I really like the light blue floral you found, it looks great. It gives the blocks a clean crisp accent which I think is important when the blocks are high contrast (my favorite) like yours are. Lovely finish.