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Monday, July 24, 2017

Retreat Project

Two weeks ago I was on a quilting retreat
at a small Quilt Cottage in upstate New York.
There were five of us there
for three days,
sewing away.

While I was there,
I worked on one quilt...
for my daughter and her fiance,
who are getting married in September.

Most of the blocks were made at the little cottage.
The blocks I wasn't able to finish up there have since been finished.
Rows are being sewn together now.

Yes... I am making another
"Diamonds in the Deep" quilt.

My future son-in-law is NOT a big fan of quilts.
(I know... I'm allowing my daughter to marry him anyway! :D)

When he saw the first Diamond in the Deep quilt I made for my
goddaughter, he asked me to make one for them.
How could I not do that?
He chose this deep teal color with the white.


I hope to have the rows sewn together this week and
to get it to the quilter after that.
Thankfully this is for a queen bed,
so I won't need to add borders.

Here is the unbound but quilted California King size quilt
I made earlier this year.

I do love this pattern,
but WOW!! is there a lot of cutting, sewing and pressing.

I'm linking to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts today.

Happy Quilting!


Nann said...

I had to look, and look again when I realized how the blocks change! How do you manage to keep them in the proper order? Hope you are able to convert your son-in-law to like quilts.

Julie said...

That is definitely a lot of cutting, sewing and pressing! Your work is always so stunning in it's neatness. I love this color! You made amazing progress! My sister also didn't like quilts but she saw one of mine and fell head over heals so now she owns it.

Libby in TN said...

Such a unique pattern. Like Nann, I'm wondering how you kept it all organized. Beautiful.

Sara said...

It's even more beautiful in this deep color. Very bold design - must have changed his mind about what quilts can be. Gorgeous!

Rebecca Grace said...

Gorgeous pattern; no wonder he likes it! You'll convert that son-in-law yet... :-)

straythreads said...

that is striking!! beautiful have a great week

Vicki in MN said...

Indeed if he asked for a quilt you HAVE to make one!! A seed has been planted and he'll ask for more, LOL It is a gorgeous quilt for sure. I can see there is a whole lot of work involved in this one, you did good girl!!

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE this pattern too. It is going to be a beautiful quilt for them.

Debbie Huber said...

This is amazing! What a wonderful design and color combination! I think he doesn't know how lucky he is to have a future mother in law like you! Especially when you make such a beautiful quilt as this one.