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Friday, June 9, 2017

Second Quilting Session

I've mentioned here before that I am taking classes to learn how to use a
Long arm quilting machine.
I've had my second quilting session and
I love it!!

The most challenging thing for me at this point is getting used to how
"loose" the long arm feels.
I'm used to having to pull fabric through my sewing machine
and the drag that the quilt has on the quilting.
With the long arm, I feel like I just have to touch it and it goes.

I've been saving another ugly quilt for practice.

What do you get when you combine fabric you don't like
with a boring pattern?

You get a great quilt to use for practice
when learning to long arm!

Some of the fabrics in this jelly roll has stars,
so I decided to quilt stars throughout.
Some of the stars are spot-on,
others.... not so much.


Using the long arm is becoming more comfortable for me,
but I am a LONG way from being "good" on it.
Practice makes perfect!
(Or better. :))

The next session has been scheduled.

Happy Quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

good to have something to practice on! I have heard of some that practice on sheets but I wonder if that is good as the fabric has a different feel and thread count I would think - but have never done it so haven't a clue!

Connie the Cootiebug said...

I bet you are going to love using the longer for quilting after having quilted on a DSM. Happy for you!

Mia said...

Yes, it is a great quilt! Love it!

straythreads said...

Well done!!! I think loops and stars are one of the best beginning quilting designs because it looks good and a lot of the stress is eliminated because you are expected to cross the lines. Stippling is so uptight and boring. Relax and have fun and use the big arm muscles. I can't wait to see you next quilt
have a great weekend

Needled Mom said...

It is a completely different feel. That made a great practice piece and it turned out nicely.

kupton52 said...

I knew you'd be hooked! I think a background of quilting on a home sewing machine is a help, not a hindrance, to longarming. You've made a jelly roll race quilt look good!That not easy to do! lol.... Well done, though good and faithful quilter. :)

Beth Croswell said...

before you know it you won't be quilting the big quilts by "check" ;)