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Friday, January 20, 2017

Secret Sewing and Not Secret Knitting

This week has seen a lot of sewing in my
Hidey Hole,
but I can't show you!

My god daughter is getting married in May
and work on her wedding gift has begun.

This is going to take a while,
so I am really glad I started early!
She reads my blog on occasion, so I can't show photos
of my progress here,
but can show little snippets.

It took me a LONG TIME to cut all of the strips
for this quilt.
Yes... it is just two colors.

Sewing the blocks together has begun.
It's going to be king size... my first!
(Her fiance is 6'5" tall!)

Lots of starch is being used.


There are a couple of knitting projects on my needles this week.

While in Pittsburgh last fall, I found this wool-free yarn.
It is so soft in the skein, but not as soft knitted.
I haven't used this yarn before, so will be interested to see
how it wears.
I love the stripes!


My daughter with the size 1 shoe wanted another pair of socks.
These take no time to knit!

This week I stepped out of my comfort zone with my knitting!
No socks on these needles.
This is Under the Oak shawl.
Judy made this a while ago and I loved hers.

This cable goes down the middle and is the focal point of the shawl.
So far, so good!

I'm linking to Patchwork Times today.
Please visit to see what others are knitting.

Have a great weekend!


Sara said...

The 2-color quilt should be beautiful with that lovely green. Love those blue socks!

Sharon Massena said...

Your quilt will be delightful and I LOVE both pair of socks. But then you always make wonderful socks.

Vicki in MN said...

You know that's gonna kill us-giving us sneak peeks!! Love the pattern you are getting on the blue sock, be sure to let us know how they wear.

Dar said...

I like both colors on your socks. Will be interested to know how they wash and wear too. Your wedding quilt looks interesting. I guess you are not going to tell us what block pattern you are using either? lol Is it a traditional block? You must give us more hints.

Debbie Huber said...

Ooo! The cable in the shawl looks amazing. I have not had the guts to try a cable.

Your socks are amazing, too. I love both the colorations. Something else I have not tried.

What a wonderful skill you have!

Debbie H time4stitchn@gmail.com