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Monday, September 19, 2016

Amish Style Table Runner

In my quilt group on Saturday,
we were asked to talk about what inspires us in quilting.
I hadn't really thought about that before we were asked.
As I was thinking, I couldn't come up with one main inspiration.

Everything inspires my quilting...
I am inspired by reading blogs, reading magazines,
going to quilt shops, looking at nature,
see peoples outfits and color combinations,
tile floors, the ocean,
Life inspires my quilts.

I will make quilts of my own design
and I will buy kits
and see an idea but make it with my choice of fabrics.
and I will do a combination of all of the above.
I use brights and bold fabrics,
reproduction fabrics,
solids and prints...
I love it all!

Maybe this is why I can't shut my brain down when it comes
to quilting.
Ideas are constantly going through my mind
and I want to make them all!

My latest quilt is an Amish style table runner.
My mom is going to a wedding next month
and asked if I would make a table runner as part of her gift.
We found out the bride and groom like simple, Amish style things,
so the thoughts and plans began.

It is dark and dreary here today,
so the photos are very dark.

This photo makes the colors brighter than they are in person.
I enjoyed the mindless sewing while making this table runner.
It is quilted with straight lines through the black squares
and feathers around the border.

It will be delivered to my mom today...
finished ahead of schedule.

Happy Quilting!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I think everything inspires me too!

Libby in TN said...

Good question. Good answer. I am much the same. I have eclectic taste, too. I don't think I could come up with a single response, either.

swooze said...

What solids do you use? I am getting irritated with kona and am trying Bella now. Your runner is great. Are you a dsm quilter or long arm?

patty a. said...

Your table runner turn out so nice! Thanks for you comment about my flannels on my blog pattythequiltlady dot BlogSpot dot com. I worked a couple times a year at a Amish quilt shop for their special sales and that is where I bought most of my flannels. Years ago the woman who owned the shop, she has since passed away, would get flat folds of flannel from a mill that supplies fabric to manufacturers. The quality was fabulous! I love flannel quilts. I love making them and sleeping under them.

maggie fellow said...

AMish style is always striking

Churn Dash said...

Inspiration comes from all around. I dyed some fabric many years ago but last year at the beach I picked up some shells that made me think that I might slice the fabric into thin pieces to imitate the layers in the shells.

What a wonderful wedding gift. Your feathers look very good.

We've had a soggy day here. The first in many months.


Julie said...

Great tablerunner and what a nice gift it will be. Everything inspires me about quilting too! That's why I have so many unfinished projects, I want to try everything!