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Friday, August 26, 2016

Nine Patch Finish

Back in June I began teaching three friends to quilt.
Between vacations, work schedules and taking care
of grandchildren,
the lessons have been very sporadic.

We are nearing the end though
and should have finished quilts very soon!

This is the one I have been making as an example.

 The fabric and colors in this quilt are so calm and soothing to me.

I used straight line quilting with my walking foot 
because I had the ladies quilt theirs this way.

I love making nine patches...
no thoughts,
no pressure to match points,
just sew and relax.

 The backing was pieced with left-over fabric
and a piece from my stash.

This will go in my pile of baby quilts,
waiting for a baby.

I've delivered two baby quilts this week!
More will be delivered in the next months,
but I don't know what quilts will be needed...
boy or girl.
Either way, I'll be ready.

Happy Quilting!


Vicki in MN said...

It's the perfect quilt to get them started on, easy peasy and effective. We all need some mindless gratifying quilting but still feel very accomplished!

Kathi Riemer said...

I love the colors you used in this quilt! The quilting pattern is perfect. Your friends are lucky.

Needled Mom said...

YES....the colors are so soothing. It looks beautiful.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Pretty colors, and I really like the straight line quilting you did! I hope your friends enjoyed learning to quilt!

Julie said...

Great quilt and what great quilting too! I love those straight lines.

Libby in TN said...

I really like the simple way you quilted it. I just finished a baby quilt and have been thinking about how to quilt it. Very inspiring.

Louise said...

What fun to be teaching your friends how to quilt! I hope you can share their quilts with us, too. Yours is so pretty.