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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quilt Club!

A few weeks ago I began teaching three friends to quilt.
None of them have quilted before,
but they all had experience with sewing.

One of them calls our sessions
"Quilt Club."

We are all having so much fun and it's so
neat to see how excited they are about their quilting projects.

I came up with a basic nine patch pattern for them to make
and the fun began.

Fabric shopping, rotary cutter safety measures,
cutting tips, 1/4" seam accuracy and nesting seams have all been covered.

Yesterday two of the ladies finished the inside section of their quilts.

Aren't they doing a great job?

The third friend wasn't able to join us yesterday, but
has been sewing her blocks together at home.
She is making a larger quilt and is making great progress.

We had a great time shopping for the fabric
and it was so interesting to see how totally different each of their
quilts looks. Their personalities really come through in the
fabrics they chose, but that is usually the case, right?

Next week we will add the borders and the tops will be finished!

While they were working on their blocks and tops yesterday
I was able to sew the blocks together on my latest
Disappearing Four Patch.

Borders come next!

Happy Quilting!


Julie said...

What great projects! I love all the fabric choices. That is the same type of pattern I taught 4-H quilting with for a few years. Great job on teaching!

Teresa in Music City said...

Wow Ramona - I love your D9P blocks!!! Those fabrics are simply fabulous together!!! And isn't it fun knowing you are a huge part of helping new quilters begin their journey? We need more quilter's who will take the time to teach and encourage newbies :*)

kupton52 said...

What a noble endeavor....ensuring the art and love of quilting lives on...and what satisfaction for teacher and student...it's a win-win all around. A 9-patch quilt was the first pattern I made (back in 1976....ouch!!!) with a Trip Around the World as my second quilt. I tacked both of those quilts but then started hand-quilting. Fast-forward 40 years and I'm mostly machine-quilting now. (...and only a few years ago I swore I never would...lol). I love your D4P....very nice....I usually stay away from such "brights" but yours are so cute I may just have to leave my somber tones and do a happy fabric dance! Blessings....have fun with your Quilt Club...you know...teaching quilting can be as addicting as quilting itself!